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Low Town: A Novel by Daniel Polansky

So, recently things haven’t been going so well for me and my family. We did find a small house that fit our family. Only to have new neighbors move in, and their 5 year old stab my 7 year old in the neck! After a long four hour drive to Seattle (because flight for life doesn’t have room for even one parent!) my son was doing good in the emergency room there. He is fine now, he actually likes to show people his stab wound! Children! Needless to say, I could really use some positive things to happen.

But, I went over to that train wreck of a house that we previously lived in and checked the mail not to long ago, and when my son went to the door, there was a package there for me. I was checking the mail only because I had bought an item and the tracking stuff said it had been delivered…only it hadn’t. So, I went to the old house to see if it was there…nope. But, there was a book. It was sent to me from Random House (love you guys) and I am always happy to get a new book. My day=brightened!

The book is called “Low Town” by Daniel Polansky and it is a different sort of book. I admit that at first I wasn’t sure if it would be “up my alley”. I only say this because, I’m not really into the whole pimp/drug scene which is where this book started out.

I don’t think the story really caught me until there was a child murdered and the main character was hunting down the killer. Because when he finds the guy, he stalks him and then some kind of demon comes for the bad guy.  Then, I felt like I was invested in the book and needed to know that someone paid for the death of a child. To me, there isn’t much lower then a child murderer…except for one who molests children…and this guy did both. My opinion=hang him. Sorry, if that offends anyone’s senses.

There were somethings that didn’t sit right with me and were a little confusing to being with. There was a lot of made up words (to differentiate between new races) there were also new/made up drugs. The only reason these gave me pause, is because there were really no explanations to them. Within the first few pages the guy is talking about inhaling pixie breath (not once is a real pixie in the book…but then again I guess when making angel dust there aren’t any pieces of angels in there either…)

I liked that the main character had a fall from grace. He used to be a good guy, but became a bad guy when love got in the way and he got the boot. I do, however wish there had been a little bit more told about that love story. Because the main character is kind of mysterious. And I find myself (like many of the people he interacts with) wanting to know more about him. I want to make him more relatable to me.

Not that he isn’t relatable. He has my vote by going after child killers. And I do root for him, and I turned ever page with the hope that no more kids would die and that he would make the deadline that we set for him and that he would die. (There was a lot of “ands” in that sentence, I apologize for that. J

My one negative thing about this book, that I really could harp on, was the ending. I felt like I was in the book from about a quarter of the way in until the end. And, in my opinion, the ending was completely rushed. Once he figured it out, there was no more of the main characters usual build up, no more of his intricate mind games. It was just an “aha” moment and blam, done. Twenty pages or less. I just felt like there could have been more.

However, that being said, it was a good book. I would definitely read another of Daniel Polansky’s  books.


Until Next Time…Happy Reading!!!

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Geist by Philippa Ballantine

Let me just say, I love books that run in a series. Because I always just feel at all sad when a book ends and I can’t find out what happens to the characters later on, if they live happily ever after and all that. It’s too final when there is only one book. That being said….I find that sometimes single books are good too, because keeping up with a bunch of series is sometimes hard to do! I really enjoyed this book. And I am not a huge fan of fantasy books. I got hooked on Robert Jordan as my first fantasy author a couple years ago, to find out he died before finishing the WoT series. I was grumpy until Brandon Sanderson came on as the ghost writer, but I had to read some of his books to make sure he would do my series justice. So, up until a few days ago, those were two of the only fantasy authors I had really every read. I’m glad that I didn’t just limit myself to them, and decided to read this book. 🙂

 The author is really great at building the characters in this book. Sometimes I feel like an author forgets to “fill in” the character, and is worried more about the story and/or back round. Not so in this case. There was never a point in this book where I wondered what any of the characters were feeling during a particular scene. Sometimes, the story was told from two or more perspectives and it was done in such a way that I was not upset at reading the same thing, essentially, twice!

This book is based in another world, and there are Deacons in here that battle Geists. Now geists come in many, many forms so there are many ways to send them back to the Otherside. There are different levels of geist requiring sometimes more then one pair of Deacons (made up of a Sensitive and an Active) to banish them. I liked that this book was pretty fast paced. I didn’t really get bored at all once I was into the book. There was always something happening. The main…well….one of the main characters is Deacon Sorcha Faris. She is a red head with a temper who has gone through many partners, for a number of reasons. She is one of the most powerful Actives in the Order. I really like reading books with strong female leads. Sometimes, I don’t want to read about how the girl is in distress and the guy saves her. It’s nice for it to be the other way around once in a while. Don’t get me wrong. There is some romance written into this book. After all, it’s hard for a male & female to be thrown together in a perilous situation and sparks not happen. Even in real life. Plus, I gotta say, Captain Raed Rossin, is as good a candidate as they come. His character to speaks to the side of every woman that just wants to fix the guy and make him better. It helps that he is tortured by a family curse that has been around for generations and turns him into a type of geist that kills anyone around him. So, he is perfect for our Deacon.

In the beginning of the book, Sorcha is with her husband (and forth partner) when an attack happens. He is seriously wounded, almost killed, causing her to get temporarily assigned a new partner. Which is not usually how things are ran. But when the Arch Abbot says, “Hey, you are going here & this is your new Sensitive” there is not much you can do to say “No”. So this is how she gets hooked to, or should I say bonded to, Merrick. Who is young and has secrets of his own. His own fears for being close to this particular Deacon. Stemming from a childhood memory and the death of his own father.

The three make an unlikely pair and are forced to keep the alliance, even strengthen it throughout the book, based on events and happenings around them. They just keep falling into the worst luck ever. Whether it is a sea creature ripping a ship to shreds and taking down to the depths of the ocean, a head Deacon at an Abby that turns out to be trying to bring powerful geists over instead of sending them back, to their own internal struggles with facing that facts that no rules are absolute and that all their lessons don’t really mean much.

The book is hugely compelling and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy laced with a little bit of romance, suspense, and action. Great book, really. And I cannot wait until the next book in this series comes out!

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!

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Indulgence in Death by JD Robb

**WARNING** May contain **SPOILERS**

I have to say that I absolutely love reading books that are part of a series. While I hate waiting 6 months to a year between the new books to come out, I am always thrilled when I hear that the next book is already in the works. I feel like I have come to know the characters and love them each in their own way. Kind of like the real people in my life.


That being said, Indulgence in Death is definitely worth the read. If you have never read one of the “In Death” books by JD Robb you are completely missing out. She is a homicide lieutenant based in the future and before you go all “Ewwww I hate Sci-Fi and futuristic novels” this is not in that genre. Not really. The writing and the things that are in the future are things that you can actually envision being part of our everyday lives at this point already. After all, these books are only based about 50 or so years ahead of us now, and some of the technology in the first book, has already come out.

Buuuuuttttttt…..back to the book at hand. It is the latest edition in a long line of books. (each one with the same major/key characters but each book it’s own case). This time, it starts out with Eve (lieutenant Eve Dallas, Homicide) and her husband Roarke (read: mega hot, mega rich and oh yeah Irish) are on a vacation, which is something they normally don’t do, as she’s the top cop and he is usually buying up pieces of the known universe.

When they get back to New York, Eve catches a case that is slightly bizaar. Not to say that all of her cases are normal, per se. But, in the future (even now come to think of it) a limo driver being killed be a cross bow bolt is very unique. Turns out this guy was the best in his field, built a company up from one broke down limo to a fleet with a full staff and the highest marks in society. The “client” that he had to pick up, turns out to be a complete ID theft kind of situation. Guy has no clue how his company credit card got used or any of that and has an alibi for the time in question.

Add to that a second body. Same MO. Mostly. It’s a LC (licenced companion AKA a hooker) that is the top of her field and she is killed in a pretty public place, same as the limo driver. Only she isn’t killed with a cross bow bolt, but a bayonet. What are the chances that two crimes are done in public areas, with weapons that are considered antique, old school, and take special skills to use AND killing people at the top of the food chain in their respected areas of employment?

So, now Eve has to find out who done it and why. I love getting inside her head and knowing her thought process. She has become someone that I wish was real, just so I could meet her. She connects to every crime on a personal levels, to make sure no one’s death ever makes them a no body. To her, they are all somebody and nobody deserves to die.

Working with Eve, is her husband Roarke who is a man of very man talents. In bed and out…he he he he. She has an excellent bunch of supporting people around her. And it is awesome to see how her life has changed from book one to now.

I was reading this book on Tuesday at work and my coworker was all, “That must be a good book, because you keep smiling” I answered, “It’s like seeing old friends and I love how Eve and Roarke interact”.

I give this book 5 stars all the way. But, that’s probably because I’m slightly biased and completely hooked into the series. I always recommend these books to people who are into books that are part of a series, or like drama, crime, and a bit of romance thrown in.

Until next time….Happy Reading!!!!


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The Dead Path by Stephen M. Irwin

**WARNING** my review may contain **SPOILERS**

I want to start off by first saying, wow it has been a long time since I have read an adult “horror” book and been unnerved. This book was a little slow to start and a bit confusing how it kept jumping from past to present and back again. Once I realized what was happening, I grasped the pattern of speech and the surrounding and was able to stay caught up 🙂

The book starts out with Nicholas Close watching his wife up on a later during a remodel, then he has to leave to go get something from the store. As he leaves, it starts to rain, and rather then go back inside to get the keys to the car or a jacket for that matter, he decides to take his scooter. Which turns out to be a very, very bad idea.

He gets into an accident, and goes to call home instead of an ambulance, only no one picks up the phone at home. Worried he rushes home to find his wife slipped off of the latter and broke her neck, trying to answer her cell phone. And now, he lives with this guilt everyday and feels like everyone in her family blames him for his wife’s death. And honestly, in everyday death, people want someone to blame. Nicholas just made it really easy for them 😦

Nicholas winds up slipping down the stairs in front of his apartment and hitting his head quite hard, next thing a kid is stabbing him with a screwdriver….only not? Turns out the whack on his skull has knocked something around in there and now he can see ghosts. Not your ordinary everyday type ghosts, but ones that met a violent end. And they don’t talk to him like in the movie “The Sixth Sense”, or implore him for any type of help. No, these ghosts are stuck in kind of a time loop. Where they keep repeating the final moments of their lives. Over and over and over again. Nicholas sees them everywhere. Sometimes it’s as confusing to the reader as it is to Nicolas as to which people are real and which people are not people at all, but echos of people who used to be.

Eventually, Nicholas moves from England back to Australia, which is where his mother and sister live. Although, in different parts. He goes back to his mother’s. She lives in the same house that he grew up in and on his way into the old neighborhood, he sees that not much seems to have changed. Even the creepy woods are still there. He stops his car and gets out to look at them and just feels that there is something wrong with them still. And he can’t help but wonder why these trees haven’t succomed to the housing boom. Why has no one chopped them up and cleared it all away?

He goes on to his mother’s home. And let me just say here, that I am not a fan of the mother. She seems like a right and selfish b*tch….ahem excuse my language on that one. She just comes off as not reallly wanting her children around. Especially, Nicholas. She thinks he is bad luck and that bad things follow him around. After all, his best friend was murdered back when he was 10….

Anyways, so the first night he is back the cops come knocking at like 3 am or so and are looking for a child. They are really trying to get Nicholas, he just seems to fit perfectly. He comes back into town and bam! a child is now missing. His mother has to jump to his defense. They find out a few days later that the little girl has been killed…her throat cut open, just like his childhood friend, Tristram.

The story gets really in depth, you find out that kids have been disappearing for over a hundred years…every 15 years or so. And if they are found, it’s usually a few miles away and some guy confesses to killing them, but before they can stand trial? They commit suicide. Wraps a case all nicely, practically with a bow. Why would there be any reason to keep looking for a killer in the woods, when people keep coming and confessing to it?

The part that got to me, I think, was the spiders. They play a huge part in this book. And I am by far, not a lover of spiders. At one point, I was so into the book, that some of my hair came loose and tickled my forehead, causing me to “SQUEEEEE” and smack myself quite hard. Resulting in smashing my reading glasses into the bridge of my nose and leaving a nice red mark there 😦

I don’t want to give a way to many details. I have really only given a peek into the book. I feel that I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Dean Koontz, Stephen King, or any other horror author of that same ilk. I would definitely love to read more books by this author. I didn’t feel like I had to force myself to read the book, more like, I had to force myself to STOP reading the book. A sign of a good, make that great, plot line, in my opinion.

Until next time…Happy Reading!!!


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Midnight Alley – Rachel Caine

It’s official, I am completely addicted to this series.

In this book, the four friends: Claire, Shane, Eve, and the newly-made Vampire hottie…Michael, have to face more trials and tribulations. And not just from the outside, but predjudices from the inside.

Shane is a huge vampire hater, and is having a horrible time trying to see his best friend be a vampire. He is constantly being rude and ignorant. To the point that I, as the reader, wished I could reach into the book and shake him. Poor Michael, just wanted to stop being a ghost trapped in The Glass House, and to be able to halp save Shane, and he is getting the short end of the stick.

To make things worse, an underground newspaper that is in town, and is known to be a outlet for “Captain Obvious” who is an avid vampire hater. This guy prints things in his paper, hinting at killing off the vampires. And no one can find him! Well, Capt Obvious has just published a piece on Michael and prints a picture of Michael along side the story, siting that Michael is now part of the “Better off Dead” club. Not good. In other words, Michael is now a walking target for disgruntled humans.

At the end of the last book, Claire gets a letter from Amalie that is more or less telling Claire that if she swears herself to Amalie that Claire and her friends will be safe. So she signs the contract and doesn’t tell her friends. Next thing you know, she gets a personal delivery of a gold Protection bracelet. And finds Amalie in her room to “help” her put it on. Since it has no clasp or anything. To Claire’s dismay, she now has to figure out how to hide what she has done.

She does okay for the first morning, by night fall when she had to stay late with a crazy Vampire name Myrnin (and when I say crazy, I mean completely schizo). One minute Myrnin is fully lucid and talking about teaching her all kinds of secrets about vampire history and how they apparently have a disease (the one that is eating away at Myrnin) that needs to be cured and the next minute he is talking about ripping her throat out. Not good for her. But, she feels sorry for him at the same time. So, when she gets home late, she walks into a fight and sees all of Shane’s belongings in boxes in the entry way. He is moving out, he can’t live in a house with a Vampire. Ugh, Shane :::shakes head remorsefully::: . Then they notice her and the attention gets switched because she was out after dark and had no one with her. Is she crazy?!? Was she bit by any vamps? Can she prove it? Shane reaches for her and examines her neck and tries to check her arms and in a panic and being upset, she yanks free. She doesn’t want them to see Amalie’s bracelet. Michael grabs her and lifts her sleeve, while blocking the other two. He sees the bracelet and doesn’t say anything at first. He then takes her into the hidden pantry and makes her tell him.

Later on, Claire falls asleep on the couch with Shane. Things had calmed down considerably at this point. When something wakes her up. It also wakes up Shane and Eve. They don’t know what sets it off, but they are all awake and alert instantly. They look out the windows to see a cop car with it’s lights going, and a vampire car with a body next to it. Michael! Or at least that is all of their first thoughts. Eve runs to check his room and he isn’t there. They go out front, and find out that it is Sam. A “good” vampire, so to say. And then Richard Morelli, the mayor’s son and Monica’s brother, shows up and rushes off with Sam to take him to Amalie to see if she can save him. Meanwhile, Clair, Shane, & Eve have no idea who did it and where Sam is at.

Oh and did I mention, crazy Jason (Eve’s killer brother) is back? This book is just full of the crazies…and not in very good ways for our four stars 😦

Well, I’m going to end it here. Don’t want to give away to much. I figure leaving you wondering if Jason kills again, Myrnin eats Claire, Michael is safe, and who killed Sam…is enough torture…or even incentive to get you to read the book. 🙂

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!!!


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Hot Rocks & Big Jack

Okay, so these two books are different, sort of? LoL. Nora Roberts IS JD Robb, so these are still both relating, I promise 🙂 . I started reading Hot Rocks on Friday when I went to my sisters in Seattle. About two maybe three? chapters in…I began to get this feeling that I have read this book before….Don’t get me wrong, I reread books all the time…on purpose. I don’t like spending money on a book that I already own, unless it’s to give away on my blog or twitter 🙂 which I might just do with this set… 🙂 If anyone who reads this, likes JD Robb or Nora Roberts and ever read “Remember When” these are those books. As far as Ican tell. I’m in the process of moving and my Remember When book is in a box somewhere. But, what gave it away was the fact that in Hot Rock the store is called Remember When…see how quick I am? LoL.

But, in all fairness, I didn’t remember everything that happened in the book, and since it’s only about 250 pages, no big loss. The book starts out in a smal town…well by the discription, it’s bigger than where I live in Forks 🙂 , Laine Tavish is in her antique shop when a little old man comes in. He is sad that she doesn’t remember him and gives her a business card, then leaves. Next thing Laine hears are tires squeeling, a thud, and sees that the old man who was just in her store has been hit by a car. She rushes out to him, and he tries to talk. He winds up singing part of a song from her childhood memories and then she realizes she does know this guy. He’s her unlce Willie. Not really, her unlce, but you know the uncle by proxy that we all have? The one that has been friends with one of our parents soooo long, that to not call them uncle/aunt is an insult? Anyways, off point, LoL. He mumbles something about “He knows your here” and “Hide the pooch”. Needless to say she is completely confused. The only he she things Willie can be talking about is her father Jack o’Hara aka Big Jack (he, he…the other book title). But, there is no reason for Big Jack to instill fear in Willie, since Big Jack and Willie go back forever.

Enter Max Gannon. A stud if there ever was one. (I gotta pause here just to say that Nora Roberts/JD Robb can put a man together on paper! Ones that make you just want to drool all over yourself and rush to a cold shower…in a good way of course:) ). But Max, is a PI for an insurance company that is looking to recover about 30 million worth of diamonds. The inside man from the job was murdered, and from what Max has put together is there was 4 people in the plan for the heist: Willie, Big Jack, Myers (the inside guy), and Alex Crew (a VERY bad guy with no scruples). Max picks up Willie’s trail and finding him dead in a some po-dunk town, wonders what brought him here. Doing searches on all parties, he has found that Big Jack O’Hara had a daughter Elaine O’Hara….and well, well, well Laine Tavish (short for elaine? maybe?) owns the shop that Willie was ran down in front of.

Of course, a hot and yummy romance starts between them. At first, for Max, it’s all about finding the diamonds…what’s the harm in spending time with a beautiful woman while trying to solve a case. Side note: he gets 5 % of whatever part of 30 million he recovers.

It gets really crazy, when you get to read from Alex Crews point of view for a chapter or two throughout the book. Draws you right in and has you hoping that everything will work out and that we will get a happy ending. Crew is certifiable, total whack job. He doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get his diamonds. He wants all of them. He never intended to share them with the other 3 people. They were just pawns to get everything out. But, Big Jack knew who he was and went into the wind, figuring Alex would follow him & not Willie. And that’s how Alex finds Laine. And a new plan forms…a very nasty one if I do say so myself.

Now….on to Big Jack….

I know, I’m horrible. Just leaving you hanging at the end of that review, but I hate spoilers. And I want you to read it and be as into the books as me!

This one if with LT Eve Dallas who I freaking love!! She is so awesome. She is a kick ass cop. And let me tell you, when I first started this series…about 8 or 9 years ago now…Dallas was the reason I started to go to college to become a homicide detective. I wanted to be this person, you know? We all have our role models…mine just happed to be a fictional one…sue me…lol. But, I had a son a few years later and decided that a cop’s kid was not a good life to give my son. So, I changed my goals. Not complaining, mind you, I wouldn’t trade my son for the world. But, I still love reading these books, and living vecariously thru Dallas.

In the begining of this book, Sam Gannon (granddaughter of Max & Laine Gannaon from Hot Rocks) is just back from a two week book tour promoting her book…wait for it…HOT ROCKS!! lol. She talked her grandparents into letting her write the story about the boosted diamonds. Only 3/4 of the diamonds were ever recovered. Sam wrote the book more for the romance of her grandparents, but the diamond hiest was a big selling point for the book.

When she walks into her house, it’s trashed. All her stuff is thrown around and destroyed. She pulls out her ‘link (cell phone) and calls her BFF Andrea (who was supposed to be housesitting) and when Andrea doesn’t pick up she starts flipping out on the voicemail. About how if Andrea was going to throw a party fine, but at least clean up!! She is ranting about it, when she starts upstairs and smells something dis-gus-ting. She is saying that Andrea is dead the next time she sees her when she opens the bedroom door and sees Andrea laying dead on the floor.

The cops get called…my favorite crime fighting team….Dallas & Peabody. These books are from a little while before the Fantasy in Death book a just reviewed, and as such, Peadbody has just been promoted to Dectective and is trying to find her grove. She is trying out all manner of outfits to find her “detective style” it is pretty hilarious.

They review the scene and find out about the books. They think that Andrea is a bystander, not the target. That the diamonds are the target, and that the person had to kill Andrea because she came in during the search. That the killer had to know that Sam was out of town, but didn’t know that there was a house sitter. Surprise!

So Dallas starts poking around and finds out who all has the security system codes, going to the cleaning crew…she finds out there that the girl who usually cleans Sam’s house didn’t come into work this morning. Now, she begins to think…a set up? Maybe the cleaning lady and someone decided to go for the diamonds. But, it doesn’t fit. The cleaning lady has been in the house 2 times a month for at least 8 months or so. Plenty of time to find the diamonds if they were there to find. On a hunch, she calls the morgue for any Jane Doe’s that came in over the weekend…and hits pay dirt. A female was brought in, burnt to a crisp on Sunday morning. Harsh. Tina Cobb….just another innocent bystander…shame.

Now, Eve knows the diamonds are the root of it. She and Roarke put an air tight security on Sam to make sure nothing happens to her. Because the way that Dallas see it, if she was the killer, that would be her next step. Dallas has also figured that this person feels entitled to the diamons…someone like Alex Crews son. Who has fallen off the map since the he was like 7 years old. The mother went into the wind to try and escape from Crew, to protect her son.

Eve now has the problem of finding the killer, finding the diamonds, and finding a kid who is now grown up. I love it when it gets difficult. 🙂

Until next time…Happy Reading!!


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Fantasy in Death – JD Robb

Alright, now I know this book has nothing to do with the other two series I have already started to review….let me at least explain my erratic blogging behavoir 🙂

I follow a couple series of books religiously. It doesn’t matter if I am in the middle of reading a book, if the next book (by Charlaine Harris, JD Robb, Janet Evanovich, Laurell K Hamilton, Robert Jordan & a select few others) comes out, I’m all over it. Which is exactly what happened here. I went to the store to pick up the Night World book for my blogging contest and this book was on the shelf! I was like “Oh dang, I have to get this, Brennan be damned!” LoL. Just kidding. I wouldn’t really say that, I heart Brennan lots. But, you get the point.

So, if you have never read any of these books, boy are you behind the times. JD Robb is another name that Nora Roberts writes under. Now I know, hearing that name will turn some people away, because they don’t like romance. Well, they won’t admit it out loud, and won’t buy a strictly romance novel. But, like to see it in an action or sci-fi book, because who doesn’t abso love it when the hero gets the girl? Anyways, soooo off topic. This book is like book 20 in a series. I’m huge on series books, because I like to see where the characters go, and how they change throughout. I feel like they are my friends, and I lloooovvvee when the next book comes out, it’s pure torture waiting for it though 🙂

This book starts out pretty much the same as all. You get a glimpse of the victim, who sometimes knows they are in trouble (ie: they have been kidnapped), or in this situation, could never have seen it coming.

Bart is a gamer nerd thru and thru. He built his company up with his three best friends (bet you can see where this one goes…)Oh and did I mention, these books are based in the future? The near future. When I heard they were future books, I was like “No thank you, I don’t really do Star Wars and all that” Turns out, these are not so much like those. Everything that is being written about or discribed you can picture and see it being part of our evolution as a human race. But, back to it….He goes in to his gaming room and is practicing this new game his compang (U Play) is working on. Completely stoked, because this game is unlike anything out there to this point. It is going to make his company a competitor with the book boys, like Roarke Industries. He powers down his house droid and sets all his stuff to private, as he doesn’t want to be disturbed and starts the last game he’ll ever play.

Enter the girlfriend the next morning. She overrides the droid and makes it open the holo room, to find Bart dead….without a head. Egh! So then, the main character in all the books, LT Eve Dallas, Homicide of the NYSPD is called in. I freaking love her. And I lover her partner Dectective Delia Peabody. They work so awesome together. They have to figure out how someone got into his room, when his security shows absolutely no tampering, and how his head got cut off, with some electrical type blade.

It is awesome to be inside Eve’s head as she works her way thru cases. It feels like you are actually there. Plus, after so many books, I feel like I know her and have grown with her. And she is married to the richest & sexiest Irish man that ever walked the Earth (well, you know….if he ever did walk the Earth..heh..). His name is Roarke (the same one who U Play wanted to get on the level with). Roarke used to be a crook, conman, and ladies man, until he met Eve way back in the series. Now they have realized how in love they are and have been thru alot together. And I bring this up during this review, because Eve was set on it a lot in this book. Because once she figured out that it had to be one of the three other partners, she wondered how someone who is supposed to be your friend from childhood could do this to them. And she finds herself in awe over what she has with Roarke. It’s inspiring…

So, Eve narrows it down to the three partners, but cant really figure out how they got in (but since they are gamers and super hackers figures they had to have left some kind of trail) or what they actually did the killing with. The ME can tell that it was a type of electrified broad sword, which makes no sense to anyone. Not only, is it the future where swords are antiques and obsolete, but no one has heard of an electrified one.

Next thing you know, one of the partners (Cill, the only girl) decides to take the game home and try it out and she winds up almost dead. The other two find her in the morning and call 911. she is a wreck. And a nurse makes a comment to Eve about it not looking like a beating but more like she was thrown off a cliff. Which gets Eve to thinking. She has the ME come in and look at the girls pictures and xrays, but doesn’t tell him anything about how she was found or where. So he comfirms her suspicions and says she fell from a height of more than 20 feet, onto an uneven rocky type surface….which would be impossible because she was found in her gaming room in her apartment.

This is an excellent read. But then again, I am a bit biased as I have been reading the series for years and still get excited when I see the next one come out 🙂 I won’t ruin the rest of the story for anyone. But, if you like suspense and crime novels, this is definitely a series for you. You can pick up any book in the series, they each have their own cases. But, to know the history of the dynamics of the entire “cast” it would be best to start at the begining. I highly recommend it.

Until next time….Keep Reading!!!


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