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Low Town: A Novel by Daniel Polansky

So, recently things haven’t been going so well for me and my family. We did find a small house that fit our family. Only to have new neighbors move in, and their 5 year old stab my 7 year old in the neck! After a long four hour drive to Seattle (because flight for life doesn’t have room for even one parent!) my son was doing good in the emergency room there. He is fine now, he actually likes to show people his stab wound! Children! Needless to say, I could really use some positive things to happen.

But, I went over to that train wreck of a house that we previously lived in and checked the mail not to long ago, and when my son went to the door, there was a package there for me. I was checking the mail only because I had bought an item and the tracking stuff said it had been delivered…only it hadn’t. So, I went to the old house to see if it was there…nope. But, there was a book. It was sent to me from Random House (love you guys) and I am always happy to get a new book. My day=brightened!

The book is called “Low Town” by Daniel Polansky and it is a different sort of book. I admit that at first I wasn’t sure if it would be “up my alley”. I only say this because, I’m not really into the whole pimp/drug scene which is where this book started out.

I don’t think the story really caught me until there was a child murdered and the main character was hunting down the killer. Because when he finds the guy, he stalks him and then some kind of demon comes for the bad guy.  Then, I felt like I was invested in the book and needed to know that someone paid for the death of a child. To me, there isn’t much lower then a child murderer…except for one who molests children…and this guy did both. My opinion=hang him. Sorry, if that offends anyone’s senses.

There were somethings that didn’t sit right with me and were a little confusing to being with. There was a lot of made up words (to differentiate between new races) there were also new/made up drugs. The only reason these gave me pause, is because there were really no explanations to them. Within the first few pages the guy is talking about inhaling pixie breath (not once is a real pixie in the book…but then again I guess when making angel dust there aren’t any pieces of angels in there either…)

I liked that the main character had a fall from grace. He used to be a good guy, but became a bad guy when love got in the way and he got the boot. I do, however wish there had been a little bit more told about that love story. Because the main character is kind of mysterious. And I find myself (like many of the people he interacts with) wanting to know more about him. I want to make him more relatable to me.

Not that he isn’t relatable. He has my vote by going after child killers. And I do root for him, and I turned ever page with the hope that no more kids would die and that he would make the deadline that we set for him and that he would die. (There was a lot of “ands” in that sentence, I apologize for that. J

My one negative thing about this book, that I really could harp on, was the ending. I felt like I was in the book from about a quarter of the way in until the end. And, in my opinion, the ending was completely rushed. Once he figured it out, there was no more of the main characters usual build up, no more of his intricate mind games. It was just an “aha” moment and blam, done. Twenty pages or less. I just felt like there could have been more.

However, that being said, it was a good book. I would definitely read another of Daniel Polansky’s  books.


Until Next Time…Happy Reading!!!


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Then He Kissed Me by Christie Ridgway

**WARNING**My review may contain SPOILERS**

So, I received an advanced copy of this book and I did finish reading it before it’s release date which was this past Tuesday. I just didn’t get around to doing my review….I know, I know, bad Jessica. But, to be honest, it has been a really rough couple of weeks. My husband was diagnosed with a brain aneurism (that turned out to be TWO aneurism and a return trip to Seattle on the 17th) and so we spent days in the hospital, where surprisingly, my review was the last thing on my mind. No offense meant to the author, or to anyone else. I just thought I would explain a little bit, as to why I am putting up a review late.

I am usually not that big into romance books, just for the romance of them. I don’t mind reading drama that has romance (ie: vivid sex scenes & torrid love affairs), I just have found that romance for the sake of romance isn’t my cup of tea. I have also found that most romance novels share the same basic outline: one person loves another who doesn’t want to be loved and in the end, they wind up together. Happily ever after. So, like I said, I like a book that isn’t all about the romance and has a whole separate storyline ahead of the love. But, in this case, I was interested in reading the book, because I hadn’t read a good chick-lit, love book in a while, and to be honest, just needed the happy ending.

In this book, which I found out is the second book in a series, we meet Stevie Baci. She is a limo driver (she owns her own company) and also is part of a family business of making and selling wine in Napa Valley. The opening chapter had my attention instantly and I wound up finishing this book in about a day and a half. Stevie is having to drive her ex around on New Year’s Eve with his current fiance. Ouch. To make things worse, there is a tall, dark, and handsome (not to mention instant attraction) brother of the bride-to-be to contend with. Jack, has a very bad reputation. For loving and leaving and a number of other things. He gets into her car and let’s her know that since she is now in charge of his sister’s wedding that she is now his new best friend. Because, he isn’t letting his sister’s wedding get ruined over a jilted lover.

The instant attraction between these two is wonderfully written. The fact that Stevie tries (and fails miserably) to have sex like a man and to keep things simple, is a strong basis in the book. She thinks that if she keeps telling herself that it’s just sex that maybe she won’t fall in love with Jack and that she may be able to salvage what is left of her life since he ex left her. She knows that in the small town they live in, everyone knows the nitty-gritty and they feel sorry for her. She doesn’t want their pity, so has decided to play the game with Jack in the hopes that with him around, everyone will see she isn’t mooning over her ex. And that she is fully capable of planning and executing a wedding for him and his bride-to-be.

But Jack and his sister have secrets of their own. Like being kidnapped and not ever wanting to go home. Or the fact that Roxie stole Stevie’s boyfriend knowing fully that he was already taken. Plus, Jack doesn’t want to admit that he is falling for Stevie. That although she shows the world a tough tomboy she is really a softie on the inside.

I really did enjoy reading this book. And now knowing that it is part of a series, I want to go and read the first one. AND can’t wait until the third one comes out in June. (especially since there was a teaser in the back of my book, to give me an idea of what is to come!)

All in all, if you like romance, I would say to give this author a chance. There is a story that goes along with the romance. The Baci sisters trying to save their winery, or Jack & his sister trying to escape their pasts. So, it makes it worth the read.

Here are some places to find/learn more about the book:



and here is a way to follow the author on twitter:


Until Next Time….Happy Reading!!!

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Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

**WARNING**My review may contain SPOILERS**

So, I have a dilemma on blogging about this book…It is #13 in a series, that I have never previously blogged about, (only because I started my book blogging llloooonnnggg after starting this series). I just feel that explaining this book is going to leave a lot of people in the muck :(. I apologize for this ahead of time, and hope that some can still find it useful. I also hope that I can get more people to read the series as well. I already got my husband listening to the audio books this week 🙂

So, in the Towers of Midnight, we pick up where the Gathering Storm left off. Everyone in this world is preparing for the Last Battle. The fight between good and evil that will ultimately decided the fate of everyone. And whether or not the Dark one will rule, and if this Age is over. Just to start again and hope that it comes out differently. Although, from some of the books, I got the feeling that even though the Wheel of Time turns and Legends come to pass….that everything starts over, that this time around will be the LAST Battle. There will be no more Ages after this one, depending on the outcome. But, that’s just my opinion.

Rand (the Dragon Reborn) has finally came to terms with his destiny. He no longer is angry and mean to everyone. He realized that not feeling anything, is not the way to go. In realizing this, he has become stronger. He also has decided to break the seals on the Dark One’s prison. Which to most is crazy, especially Egwene who is now the Armylin at the White Tower. She spends the book trying to find Mesaana (one of the forsaken) in the White Tower and building up a force to stop Rand from breaking the Seals. Rand gave her a date that he would be in place to break the seals. He tells her knowing that she will try to stop him, although hoping that she will aid him, because he knows now that he will need all the help that he can get. That he can’t do everything on his own. Even with being the Dragon Reborn and all.

Elayne is having her own issues in Andor. She has become queen, and is holding onto that title. Barely. After hearing that Rand has decided to break the seals, she decides to go and take the other throne that Rand has offered her. She figures if she can rule both kingdoms without letting one devour the other, that she will be a force to reckon with should the Final Battle go bad. Plus, two armies, added to what Egwene rounds up, is better than one. Oh, and she is carrying Rand’s babies. Twins. Which was finally confirmed by a midwife, although Min (who gets visions about the future) had already told her that she was having twins. To make matters even more shaky for Elayne, her mother, long thought dead to all, has resurfaced. Which could really muddy up things, if it is seen that it is not Elayne ruling, but Morgase.

There really is a lot going on in this book. After all, it is over 800 pages! To try to explain it all, would mean doing a very loooonnnngggg blog post. Suffice it to say, if you like fantasy and strong female characters, this is definitely a series for you. Listening to book 1 (Eye of the World) with my husband, has brought back a lot of things I had forgotten. The characters are very deep and you get to know each one’s strengths and weaknesses throughout all of the books.

I really like that it is written from each person’s point of view, and that I am not just stuck in the mind of one person throughout the entire series. I feel like I would become bored this way. But, in doing the book in this manner, it keeps everyone fresh in your mind, and helps you to understand what everyone is thinking and doing in preparation for the Last Battle.

The way I understand, there will be only one more book in this series, and this actually makes me very sad. Yes, I want to know what happens, and if everyone that I have come to know and love, survives. But, in learning all that, I will also have to deal with it being THE END. That there will be no more returning to the world of Aei Sedai & Trollocs. Unless, of course, I want to pick the books up and start again. Which is always possible….even probable. 🙂

I know that a lot of people feel the way I do, in so far as, fantasy books are not my cup of tea. Whenever I think fantasy, I get Star Wars & Star Trek stuck in my head. Not to say this is a bad thing, so I don’t want any Trekkies wanting to hang me…or laser me…or whatever it is they do…lol. I just have never had a “want” to read those types of books. So, I really hesitated when the first book was recommended to me. The guy assured me, it wasn’t that kind of fantasy book and that I would surely like it. So, I bought it. And I fell in love with the first book. Before knowing it was a series.

And even though, Robert Jordan died, and the series is now written from his notes by his wife and Brandon Sanderson, I find that I still love the story. And enjoy getting lost in it. It has fighting and scheming, love and betrayal, good vs evil, it has everything….except spaceships. 🙂

In short, excellent read. Can’t wait for the next one. Hope that more people read the series, and can share in my passion.

Until Next Time…..Happy Reading!!!!


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