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Midnight Alley – Rachel Caine

It’s official, I am completely addicted to this series.

In this book, the four friends: Claire, Shane, Eve, and the newly-made Vampire hottie…Michael, have to face more trials and tribulations. And not just from the outside, but predjudices from the inside.

Shane is a huge vampire hater, and is having a horrible time trying to see his best friend be a vampire. He is constantly being rude and ignorant. To the point that I, as the reader, wished I could reach into the book and shake him. Poor Michael, just wanted to stop being a ghost trapped in The Glass House, and to be able to halp save Shane, and he is getting the short end of the stick.

To make things worse, an underground newspaper that is in town, and is known to be a outlet for “Captain Obvious” who is an avid vampire hater. This guy prints things in his paper, hinting at killing off the vampires. And no one can find him! Well, Capt Obvious has just published a piece on Michael and prints a picture of Michael along side the story, siting that Michael is now part of the “Better off Dead” club. Not good. In other words, Michael is now a walking target for disgruntled humans.

At the end of the last book, Claire gets a letter from Amalie that is more or less telling Claire that if she swears herself to Amalie that Claire and her friends will be safe. So she signs the contract and doesn’t tell her friends. Next thing you know, she gets a personal delivery of a gold Protection bracelet. And finds Amalie in her room to “help” her put it on. Since it has no clasp or anything. To Claire’s dismay, she now has to figure out how to hide what she has done.

She does okay for the first morning, by night fall when she had to stay late with a crazy Vampire name Myrnin (and when I say crazy, I mean completely schizo). One minute Myrnin is fully lucid and talking about teaching her all kinds of secrets about vampire history and how they apparently have a disease (the one that is eating away at Myrnin) that needs to be cured and the next minute he is talking about ripping her throat out. Not good for her. But, she feels sorry for him at the same time. So, when she gets home late, she walks into a fight and sees all of Shane’s belongings in boxes in the entry way. He is moving out, he can’t live in a house with a Vampire. Ugh, Shane :::shakes head remorsefully::: . Then they notice her and the attention gets switched because she was out after dark and had no one with her. Is she crazy?!? Was she bit by any vamps? Can she prove it? Shane reaches for her and examines her neck and tries to check her arms and in a panic and being upset, she yanks free. She doesn’t want them to see Amalie’s bracelet. Michael grabs her and lifts her sleeve, while blocking the other two. He sees the bracelet and doesn’t say anything at first. He then takes her into the hidden pantry and makes her tell him.

Later on, Claire falls asleep on the couch with Shane. Things had calmed down considerably at this point. When something wakes her up. It also wakes up Shane and Eve. They don’t know what sets it off, but they are all awake and alert instantly. They look out the windows to see a cop car with it’s lights going, and a vampire car with a body next to it. Michael! Or at least that is all of their first thoughts. Eve runs to check his room and he isn’t there. They go out front, and find out that it is Sam. A “good” vampire, so to say. And then Richard Morelli, the mayor’s son and Monica’s brother, shows up and rushes off with Sam to take him to Amalie to see if she can save him. Meanwhile, Clair, Shane, & Eve have no idea who did it and where Sam is at.

Oh and did I mention, crazy Jason (Eve’s killer brother) is back? This book is just full of the crazies…and not in very good ways for our four stars 😦

Well, I’m going to end it here. Don’t want to give away to much. I figure leaving you wondering if Jason kills again, Myrnin eats Claire, Michael is safe, and who killed Sam…is enough torture…or even incentive to get you to read the book. 🙂

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!!!


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Dead Girls Dance-Rachel Caine

So, I read the first book in this series in almost no time and all…and due to modern technology and the aide of my Kindle from Amazon, I was able to instantly get the second book and start on it. AND finish in like a day. The books are very good and very catchy. 🙂

In this book, we get to see the four friends go through a lot more together. **SPOILER** In the end of the first book, we left on edge wondering if Michael dies…which is kind of funny considering he’s a ghost and all. So this book picks right up from there, having him being drug outside to be buried by Shane’s dad and biker buddies. Not pretty, especially for Eve who is in love with him. 😦

Shane’s dad is one big, crazy guy…who has a love of beating Shane. Not a good guy, no matter his reasons in my book. Apparently he and Shane had worked out a plan to find out who the head Vamp was and to kill them. Well, this was before Shane found out Michael was a ghost, before he started having feelings for Claire, and way before Shane had become dependant on the Founder’s Protection. Now, he doesn’t want his dad to do anything, which sets this guy off. Like, off the deep end…or even further off the deep end.

Meanwhile, Shane has made the girls lock themselves in Eve’s room with the clear instructions not to open the door for anyone but himself. Period. Which works for the first time Shane…until he storms out after arguing with the girls. So when someone comes back to the door, Claire opens it thinking it would be Shane. Not so. It’s one of the big biker guys and he has some nasty plans for the girls. Eve grabs a hockey stick and pushes Claire behind her in attempt to proctect them both. And guess who shows up? Michael! He’s not dead anymore! Well…I guess he is, since he’s still a ghost…but he’s not dead dead. Just half dead and he more or less rescues the girls. Afterward, he tells them not to tell Shane, since his father is beating him for information and the last thing they need is Shane messing up and telling his dad that Michael lives as long as Glass House stands…

What now? The girls are locked upstairs while Shane is getting beat downstairs….Michael calls 911. Duh. What else do you do when you have people in your house that you don’t want there?

The next big thing that happens in the story is that Eve’s crazy brother is let out of jail. And when I say crazy, I mean slicing up girls crazy and Eve was the one who turned him in and filed the report. So now, on top of some vamps not liking them, Shane’s dad out to get them all killed, they have to worry about a crazy human kid as well.

So while they are out and about, one of the “bad” vamps gets murdered in a not so nice way and who happens to be found with the body? A biker guy and….Shane. Now, Shane is on “Trial” which I use this term super losely. Because Eve & Claire are there just to witness pretty much. There is Oliver for the bad vamps, Amalie as the Founder (or the oldest vamp) and the human mayor. A few questions are asked and next thing you know, Shane is set to die at dawn two days in the future. His protection from the Founder has been forfeit and an ugly situation, if you can believe it, gets even uglier.

The girls have to turn to a vampire for help…well a couple vampires. Their last resort is Sam. He is the youngest of all vampires and he is at some frat party, so the girls have to find him. They get separated and Claire runs into a guy who had invited her and then he is helping her find Sam and Eve. Which is super nice, you know. He even gets her a bottle of water…that winds up being laced with GSR (date rape drug) and taking her to a room that has three guys just waiting for them. Not so nice anymore. Claire is now stuck in the room and realizes what has happened. She tries to defend herself, but finds that she is getting weaker and weaker…ssssoooo not good.

Lucky that Eve and Sam show up. And then more hell breaks loose downstairs. Sam shoves them all into a closet with a very scary warning to the boys not to even think about touching the girls. At the end of it all, one human and two vamps are killed. The bikers came to play…or not.

So the whole book is about getting Shane back…alive. And I am a big fan of that! All in all I would highly recommend this book. Of course, read the first one first 🙂 but do follow up with this one. The ending is awesome….except that it is another cliff hanger. Good thing that the third one is in print already. 🙂

Until Next Time…Happy Reading !!!

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Glass Houses – Rachel Caine

The book is written from the point of view of a 16 year old girl named Claire. She is a kind of genius, and is already in college and it is a hard time for her. Claire is small and made an enemy of the wrong girl from the start. And all she did was make the girl look stupid in front of her friends. This girls name is Monica and she is the Mayor’s daughter, but that’s not all she is.

See, in the town of Morganville, there are vampires. They are known about by everyone, and either you have Protection….or well…you are cattle. It’s kind of creepy how normal people still live in town, of their own free will. They have Protection from whatever vampire and they pay taxes, of a sort. It’s like a blood tax. They have to donate blood every month and pretty much keep quiet about the vampires. Simple. Oh, and there’s a curfew. If you are out past it, then you are advertising that you are not safe and are fair game.

Well, Claire, after a seriously wretched round with Monica decides she needs to find another place to live, off campus. Because going home to mom and dad just isn’t an option for her. She winds up calling a few places and finally settles on one that sounds nice.

She gets to house, and pretty much has a breakdown, which is when Eve shows up. She is a total goth chick, and she gets excited about the thought that Claire is there to look at the house. Takes her inside, where Eve introduces Claire to Shane and gives her a rundown of the place. Shane and Eve like her, but say that it up to Michael for the final say, since it is Michael’s house, only he is not around at the moment.

So, Eve shows her the bedroom that would be hers and tells her to at least lay down, that she looks like a wreck. Claire, is surprised and near tears at how big the room is and how nice Eve is. She soon falls asleep, and wakes after about 12 hours of sleep to hear the sound of guitar music.

Following the sound, she sees Michael (or who she assumes is Michael since she hasn’t met him) sitting on the couch and playing softly. When he notices her, he studies her for a moment and says no, she can’t stay. This starts to throw Claire into a panic. She can’t leave! Monica will kill her if she goes back. And she pleads with Michael to get him to understand. A kind of truce is made, she can stay at the Glass House only for a couple weeks, until she can find a new place.

The next morning, she goes downstairs and finds Eve and Shane making breakfast and bantering back and forth. Shane seems a little surprised that Claire is still in residence. But, gets over it. They are all messing around when they hear someone at the door. Eve and Shane quickly shove Claire into the pantry which has a hidden door in the back and hide her. Claire sits there and listens to someone come in and ask questions about how many people live in the house and where is Michael and if they have seen this girl and shows them a picture of Claire. They tell him no, and they guy is super suspicious, he opens the pantry and looks around, not seeing the hidden door. Finally, he leaves and they let Claire out of the closet. None to happy with how the situation has just turned very bad.

All in all, I really liked this book. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one! I literally read this book in one day. It was a fast and easy read. Plus, it kept me wanting to know what happened next. There was always something new. So many twists in the plot. And OMG, the ending? TOTAL cliff-hanger! Makes me glad that this series already has a few books out in it, so I don’t have to wait months for the next one

So, thank you for the recommendation! Awesome book, and I am glad that I picked it up.

Until next time….Happy Reading!!


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Night World: Spellbinder

Bet you never thought I’d get back to this book, huh? Well, I admit, it took me a minute to want to continue, it was always my plan to do it…eventually….Especially since there are two more books that contain THREE more books…I sure have to get on the ball with these. But, don’t fret. I will get them all done, in order. Just not back to back…gotta throw variety in there and keep up with my other series 🙂

This book was to do with Witches. Which I abso love. They are cousins to James from the first book, and to Ash, Kestrel, Jade, and Rowan. Well, sort of cousins. Not by blood-blood. But more by a blood truce. That’s what the Vampires say. The Witches say that they are all decended from two sisters, one mother. But anyways….

In this book, we are in the mind of Thea who has just been expelled with her cousin/sister Blaise…for the fourth time. They are getting a lecture from their gran and told if they mess up this time they are going to be sent to their Aunt Ursula…also know as the “Convent” to all of the Witches. This is enough to want Thea to start distancing herself from Blaise, who has been the cause everytime, but Thea never speaks out because she is loyal and whatnot to Blaise.

Thea has an affinity for animals you could say, she can get inside their heads and feel their emotions, see thru their eyes, it’s cool. She meets Eric the first day of school and saves him from a rattlesnack bite that he jumped in front of her to save her from….get that one? 🙂 And BAM!! that soulmate thing comes up again. So, it’s a struggle between what Thea feels and what she knows to be wrong. All she can picture is this causing hers and Erics death.

Enter Blaise. She wants Eric only because he doesn’t want her. Then when Thea tells her she thinks they are soulmates, Blaise says she will play Eric and then kill him….problem solved. Which sends Thea into an almost panic. Since Blaise is a very powerful witch and is extra good at love spells and driving men to psychotic….Thea decided to try a forbidden summoning spell and hope for protection for Eric against whatever Blaise comes up with. Well, once she is almost done with the spell Blaise comes in and they struggle…next thing they know something falls in the flames and then shoots out the windows….no good 😦

So, then Thea has no idea what to do. She doesn’t really know which spirit got away, and is at a loss. She can’t go to her gran because what she was doing was forbidden and the why she was doing it is even worse! Not to mention, now what is she going to do to protect Eric?

This book was a really fast read….I started it last night, and finished it this morning. The ending was excellent, I felt like I was there and that my heart was breaking. I hope that the next SIX books can get me into them as well as these three have.

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!! 🙂

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Night World-Daughters of Darkness

Okay so here is my review on the second book in this series…
I really like this one, since there was more characters to relate to. You had the three sisters: Rowan, Kestral, and Jade (Ash’s sisters that were mentioned in the first book). Then you had Mary Lynette & her brother. There were also some minor characters that you get to see a little bit of. Plus they talk more about the Nightworld, which was cool.
I liked that each of the different….hmmmm…species? of Night Worlder is represented by a different black flower. You, know so that that can identify themselves.
In here, I noticed the same continued theme from many other vampire & werewolf novels. They are mortal enemies and will start growling and hissing at each other…very dramatic.
Anyways, so Mary Lynnette is human….ahem….and she loves the nightlife. She is obsessed with astrology and just being part of the darkness. She lives in some small, I mean really small, town. This town sounds like it makes Forks look like a metropolis in comparison…and that’s saying alot! Mary Lynnette’s mother died a few years prior and she really has no friends at all, everyone thinks she’s weird. Jeremy is one of the only ones who understands her.
Then her nearest neighbor, this old lade named Opal, tells her that her three nieces are coming to visit, and Mary Lynnette tries to play matchmaker with her brother, before the girls even show up. Mark is not having any of that.
When the three sisters show up, they start out with a bad run in with some town bullies, which doesn’t end too great for the bullies. Shame on them anyways for trying to do those mean things anyway!! But when they get to their Aunt Opal’s house, they find her dead…..staked. So they know that somebody knows that Aunt Opal was a vampire. So they decided to bury her. Because no way they could explain away her death, since the woman now looked like a mummy…which is what happens when vampires get staked.
They go to bury her in the backyard and don’t realize Mary Lynnette has seen them, since she is far away using her telescope when she sees it. This is funny though, I mean she then tries everything she can to find a way to get into the gardena and see if it really is Opal over the next few days. Meanwhile, Mark has sorta “imprinted” (not the word fromt his book) with Jade. They are soulmates. Another layer of issues for everyone to deal with.
Then Ash shows up. With his bad boy, dangerous vibe. And he color changing eyes. Yummy. He goes to Mary Lynnette’s house to try and find out about what everyone knows. Ash is very much a “Vermin Hater” and only toys with humans. Which was mentioned in the last book…not to mention he tried to have his cousin’s girl killed for it….tsk tsk. But when he and Mary Lynette meet…BuZzZ!!! It’s like electricity in the air and it almost hurts for them to touch. Ash knows what it means and doesn’t like it. He has now found his true SoulMate in a human.
Eventually, the sisters learn that Ash is in town, and since they ran away and broke NightWorld laws…they are in serious trouble. Not to mention, they have figured out who killed Aunt Opal. So this motley crew of misfits decides to put more effort in to finding out who did it, to save all of their lives.
I really liked this book. It didn’t have a very happy ending. It kind of left you hanging, which after reading Stephen King for years, I have gotten used to. I don’t like it, but it happens. And with about 7 more books in this series to go, I have hopes that Ash and Mary Lynette will figure things out and make it all work out for the better.
I don’t think I am going right on to the third book in the series yet. It isnt really calling to me yet. So, I started a different book. Completely away from the vamps and wolves….away from the supernatural all together. No, this one is about murder and suspense. And I loooovveee a good suspense book….especially if it has some romance it in as well. Here’s to hoping it does!! LoL.
I’ll still blog the next book. That way I don’t just leave my blog hanging and waiting in limbo. 🙂
Until next time: Happy Reading!!!

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Night World: The Secret Vampire

So, yesterday with nothing better to do at the moment, I decided I would finally start reading this book that I bought months ago. I picked up the book at Wal-Mart because it was a steal, $8.66 and it included the first three books in the series. Well, when I got it home, I added it to my “To Be Read” pile and figured I’d get around to it. I didn’t. Some other book always seemed to get my attention.
With Sunday morning cartoons blaring at an uncomfortable level, to keep my 5 year old son busy, I cracked open my book and began to read.
I finished the story in time to watch the Super Bowl.
It starts out from a 16 year old named Poppy’s, point of view. She is happy that her summer vacation is starting, but has a horrible pain in her stomach that makes her double over in agony. And then, it tells you she is going to die.
Kind of morbid, but hey, I’ll go with it. Next thing, she has snapped out of it and is arguing with her twin brother, Phil (whom she looks nothing like), about absolutely nothing. Typical brother/sister type banter, when James walks in. (Cue dramatic music).
Now let me just put it here verbatim, as nothing I could write would do him justice: “It wasn’t just his outlaw good looks, which always reminded her vaguely of James Dean. He had silky light brown hair, a subtle, intelligent face, and gray eyes that were alternately intense and cool. He was the handsomest boy at El Camino High, but that wasn’t it, that wasn’t what Poppy responded to. It was something inside him, something mysterious and compelling and always just out of reach. It made her heart beat fast and her skin tingle.” Huh, he makes my skin tingle, too!
Okay, so now I figure, I just have to read until she finds out he’s a vampire. Oops, didn’t mean to put that spoiler in there….come on….the first book is called “The Secret Vampire” and plus, once he is described as James Dean and the bad boy, that should have given that one away. Sheesh.
The writing seems at first more geared toward a younger audience. Easy words, and a simple rhythm. It isn’t until the reason for her death and the effect it has on everyone around her, that I realize there are tears filling my eyes and rolling down my cheeks, that it dawns on me this is an excellent book.
James is a deep kind of character, I came to find out. He is a tortured vampire. In essence, he is Edward. But, to be fair here, this book was written in 1996 so it’s not a rip off of Twilight. And even more to the point, Louis from Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice (copyright 1976) is the most tortured vampire I have read about to date. It makes the vampire seem…I don’t know….more human, when it exhibits the noble quality of worrying about the state of one’s soul.
Okay, so I don’t want to really spoil the book for anyone else who is reading it, but James has a cousin named Ash who comes in to play close to the end. He is a wild card and tries to start a lot of drama. The book doesn’t go deep into him, just mentions his sisters, which are the first characters mentioned in the second book in the series.
Things work out, in a way, for James and Poppy. Happy endings are always the best. I hope that they come up in the future books (since it looks like there is at least 9 in this series).
Until next time….well…until I finish the second book anyways…

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