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Personal Update

Hi there everyone! Sorry to have been pretty much absent lately, life has been one ball of chaos. I know in the last post I did kinda talk about what was going on a little, before starting my blog on the book I had read. To update you all, my husband is doing much, much better. We had to go to Seattle on Jan 17 for him to have surgery to fix the anuerysms in his head, then there was complications that resulted in a bleed in his head. There was a lot of crying going on, because we didn’t know what to expect. But, they changed one of his meds and it showed that the blood pool wasnt growing, so it posed no threat. We were able to go home by the end of that week. And trust me, I was more then ready to be there. The beds in the ICU and in the hotel were rough on me being 9 months pregnant.

Then, on Jan 31 we welcomed our second son Spencer to the world via a scheduled c-section. It all went without a hitch and he is simply beautiful. Our older son is almost 7, so having a new baby around is a shock on all of our systems. I feel more afraid/nervous this time around. And I find that I worry about S.I.D.s (crib death) alot. Me and my husband, both, have a sibling that passed away from it when they were about 6 months old and I have a h. uge fear now of it happening and it would crush me :(.

We are also dealing with the loss of my husband’s job and fighting for the insurance we were due. In this economy (especially in a town of only 3000) it is hard to find a job. So, he has been staying home. His headaches come and go, but nothing like they were when we found out about the anuerysms in his brain. I had to go back to work at my job which is only on the weekends and only minimum wage. Money is a very hard thing to come by and we are trying not to let it stress us too much. We are just hoping to make it to the summer, because by then the company we have gone into business with as partners should do very well for the four of us. Until then, it just seems to be another stres.

And if you are curious as to the company we now own part of…? We are part owners of Twilight Tours in Forks. We are a tour company in Forks, Washington that takes fans of the Twilight Saga around in a 19 seater tour bus, with an excellent tour guide (who was featured on the DVD Twilight in Forks), music, and frequent stops to allow photo opportunities for everyone. If anyone is interested in more info, either let me know or go visit our website: . On there, it tells of specials we have going on, gives info on our twitter & facebook accounts. I would love for you to pass on our info to anyone who likes Twilight. You would be greatly helping us out.

Hopefully, I am able to find some time to read again soon. I really need the escape from reality, room to breath for a few minutes. But, I know that, for now, real life needs my attention.

Thank you all for understanding, and please keep checking back, as I will be posting things as often as possible.


Until Next Time…..Happy Reading!!


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Amnesia-Prologue (trial)

No one thinks that their life can change in 20 seconds, but sometimes it does.

 Cheyenne sat at a red light, impatiently thrumming her fingers on the steering wheel. She glared at the red light and sighed. She was the only car on the road at this time in the morning and still she managed to catch the light. Looking left and then right, she began to debate just going through the light, when it finally changed to green. But, before she was able to pull away something hit the side of her car, hard, causing her to about jump out of her skin.

And that’s when the screaming started.

 Cheyenne sat stunned for a second looking at the half naked woman banging on her car and screaming at the top of her lungs for help. Without thinking, she unlocked the door and let the woman in. It took a second for Cheyenne to register that the woman was practically covered in blood, and tried to calm her down enough to get some answers from her. “What the hell has happened to you?”

Before the woman could answer, an engine revved high and caught Cheyenne’s attention. “Shit.” Was all she got out before her world began to spin. Her head snapped to the side as the truck hit the back end of her car. Cheyenne felt the window crack as her head hit it, and the seatbelt held her body in place. It all felt like slow motion, but could have only been a few seconds.

Sitting there dazed, Cheyenne glanced over at the woman and seen her with her head on the dashboard. She reached over to shake the woman’s shoulder, “Hey, are you okay?” Nothing, shaking a little bit harder, “Hey….hey lady. Wake up, you’re bleeding all over my dash.” Swallowing a small bout of hysteria, and trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the statement she just made, she tries to get the woman to answer again, only to be rewarded by the woman almost biting off her fingers. “What the-?!”

Suddenly, the car was flooded with light, and for a second Cheyenne thought it could be the police and was relieved, but something told her to move. She started the car, surprised that it caught at once and floored the gas pedal. She was rewarded with hearing tires squeal to a stop, and risked a peek up into her review, to see a truck across the road where she just was.

“I’m not sure what you are into, lady. But, I don’t really want to know. I don’t know where you came from, or what is going on. But, I’m not ready to die for helping someone. I know that is selfish, I can’t help that. I’m going to try to get you to a hospital, and then I am as good as gone.“ Cheyenne felt herself rambling, and couldn’t help it. Something like this had never happened to her.

A scream tore from her throat as she was hit from behind. “Oh please, oh please. Just let me get out of this.” Another hit from behind. “Where is everyone? Can’t anyone hear this?” Cheyenne looked up into her mirror and her eyes widened, the truck was further back, but she could tell it was just giving space to get a good running start. Panic, that’s all she could do. There was nowhere to go, and no one seemed to be out. Small moans were coming from the passenger seat. “I’m sorry I wasn’t the help you were looking for.”

Cheyenne tried to brace as best as she could for the next hit, for surely her car couldn’t take much more of this abuse, except, the hit didn’t come. Risking a look behind her, she realized the truck had been joined by another set of headlights and was now tailing close behind her. Afraid to sigh in relief at the temporary reprieve, Cheyenne quickly tried to get her bearings to figure out the best way to get to either the cops or the hospital. Stifling a groan, she realized that she was going to have to turn to get to the hospital, which could mean losing the safety of the third car. Because, for surely that was the reason for the truck stopping it’s onslaught.

The light up ahead was changing from green to yellow, and yellow to red. Taking a deep breath in and hoping for no cross traffic, Cheyenne hit the gas and spun into a left turn. Hoping that she caught the driver of the truck unawares, she took an immediate right and then a left. The hospital came into sight, just as headlights filled her car again.

Cheyenne sped up and pulled the steering wheel hard to the right, causing the bleeding woman to fall into her. But, was rewarded with making it into the emergency entrance of the hospital, the light of which blinding her temporarily. When her vision cleared, she seen the truck turn a corner up ahead and disappear.

Cheyenne looked over and noticed the nurse with a shocked look on her face. Pressing the button for the passenger window, she called out, “A little help here, please?” and promptly passed out.

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