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Soul Stalker by Laura Kreitzer

So, I finally got around to finishing this book after about a month and a half of having it. In my defense, the Robert Jordan book came out and I have been waiting a year for that one! Plus, it was over 800 pages!! To top it off, I got the Soul Stalker book sent to me as an e-book, and my computer ate it. It completely refused to transfer into my kindle, which was frustrating to say the least 😦 . I finally just went and bought the book from amazon and started in on it. Slowly….

Not to say that Ms. Kreitzer is a bad writer, that is not that case at all. Soul Stalker is the second book in her Timeless series, the first being Shadow of the Sun (read my review here: ). I just had forgotten where the previous book had left off, and felt a little lost in the first couple of chapters is all.

I did enjoy getting back into Kreizter’s style of writing. She writes very fluidly and it is easy to follow along and get caught up in the emotions of the moment. That being said, let’s get down to the details, shall we?

When Shadow of the Sun ended, we, as the reader, knew that our heroine and Illuminator was still alive, whereas pretty much no one else was privy to this information. So, in the beginning of this book, Gabriella has revealed her still living, if a little altered, state of being to Joseph. The extremely attractive FBI agent. Together, well, mostly Gabriella, makes a plan to find her Angels (Andrew, Ehno, Aiden, and Lucia), she just needs the help that the FBI can give her.

First thing on her list, get to Italy. Second thing, save Zola. Third, save her Angels. And fourth, try not to die *again* during any of this.

In the first book, the attraction between Joseph and Gabriella is very noticeable, as is her instant love and infatuation with Andrew (one of the Angels, her kindred spirit to be exact). I am usually a big fan of love triangles, they add a little paunch to any story. And every reader will always choose one side or the other. In my case, I felt the choice was a little biased. I really like Joseph. He did meet her first, he’s human, attainable, super sexy, and he likes Gabriella. But, he is no match for a celestial being. So, I was sad at the end of the last book when things really hadn’t been resolved in the love triangle. I like happy endings, I’m a bit of a sap that way. I don’t want to see Joseph just hanging around hoping that Andrew will fly away…all puns intended. Then, in this book, you find out that Joseph and Jenna (Gabriella’s sister) went to each other during the time of grieving over the death of Gabriella. And things are looking very good (and a little cute) for the two of them.

In Soul Stalker, Gabriella finds herself facing more problems and still grieving over the loss of her mother. searching for Andrew and trying to really get control of her new Angelic powers. Trying to save the world and trying not to get killed by the Soul Stalker. She is a very busy woman! I really like the character development, and hope that in the end, most things work out for the best.

And I say “most” only because I know that there has to be more tragedies and drama for the books to stay alive and keep interest. If Gabriella always got her way, and things always worked out the first try, I think that I would be almost disgusted with the book and not want to read more. But, the way that this book is handled is great. Enough sad things happen, to make you more emotionally attached to the book. You find yourself rooting for Gabriella and wanting to get in there and help her out. All in all, I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone I know. I would caution however, to read the first book relatively close to the same time, just so some of the details are still fresh in your mind.

Excellent book, Laura Kreitzer, can’t wait for the next!

If you would like to follow this author on twitter @LauraKreitzer .

Until Next Time…..Happy Reading!

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Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

**WARNING**My review may contain SPOILERS**

So, I have a dilemma on blogging about this book…It is #13 in a series, that I have never previously blogged about, (only because I started my book blogging llloooonnnggg after starting this series). I just feel that explaining this book is going to leave a lot of people in the muck :(. I apologize for this ahead of time, and hope that some can still find it useful. I also hope that I can get more people to read the series as well. I already got my husband listening to the audio books this week 🙂

So, in the Towers of Midnight, we pick up where the Gathering Storm left off. Everyone in this world is preparing for the Last Battle. The fight between good and evil that will ultimately decided the fate of everyone. And whether or not the Dark one will rule, and if this Age is over. Just to start again and hope that it comes out differently. Although, from some of the books, I got the feeling that even though the Wheel of Time turns and Legends come to pass….that everything starts over, that this time around will be the LAST Battle. There will be no more Ages after this one, depending on the outcome. But, that’s just my opinion.

Rand (the Dragon Reborn) has finally came to terms with his destiny. He no longer is angry and mean to everyone. He realized that not feeling anything, is not the way to go. In realizing this, he has become stronger. He also has decided to break the seals on the Dark One’s prison. Which to most is crazy, especially Egwene who is now the Armylin at the White Tower. She spends the book trying to find Mesaana (one of the forsaken) in the White Tower and building up a force to stop Rand from breaking the Seals. Rand gave her a date that he would be in place to break the seals. He tells her knowing that she will try to stop him, although hoping that she will aid him, because he knows now that he will need all the help that he can get. That he can’t do everything on his own. Even with being the Dragon Reborn and all.

Elayne is having her own issues in Andor. She has become queen, and is holding onto that title. Barely. After hearing that Rand has decided to break the seals, she decides to go and take the other throne that Rand has offered her. She figures if she can rule both kingdoms without letting one devour the other, that she will be a force to reckon with should the Final Battle go bad. Plus, two armies, added to what Egwene rounds up, is better than one. Oh, and she is carrying Rand’s babies. Twins. Which was finally confirmed by a midwife, although Min (who gets visions about the future) had already told her that she was having twins. To make matters even more shaky for Elayne, her mother, long thought dead to all, has resurfaced. Which could really muddy up things, if it is seen that it is not Elayne ruling, but Morgase.

There really is a lot going on in this book. After all, it is over 800 pages! To try to explain it all, would mean doing a very loooonnnngggg blog post. Suffice it to say, if you like fantasy and strong female characters, this is definitely a series for you. Listening to book 1 (Eye of the World) with my husband, has brought back a lot of things I had forgotten. The characters are very deep and you get to know each one’s strengths and weaknesses throughout all of the books.

I really like that it is written from each person’s point of view, and that I am not just stuck in the mind of one person throughout the entire series. I feel like I would become bored this way. But, in doing the book in this manner, it keeps everyone fresh in your mind, and helps you to understand what everyone is thinking and doing in preparation for the Last Battle.

The way I understand, there will be only one more book in this series, and this actually makes me very sad. Yes, I want to know what happens, and if everyone that I have come to know and love, survives. But, in learning all that, I will also have to deal with it being THE END. That there will be no more returning to the world of Aei Sedai & Trollocs. Unless, of course, I want to pick the books up and start again. Which is always possible….even probable. 🙂

I know that a lot of people feel the way I do, in so far as, fantasy books are not my cup of tea. Whenever I think fantasy, I get Star Wars & Star Trek stuck in my head. Not to say this is a bad thing, so I don’t want any Trekkies wanting to hang me…or laser me…or whatever it is they do…lol. I just have never had a “want” to read those types of books. So, I really hesitated when the first book was recommended to me. The guy assured me, it wasn’t that kind of fantasy book and that I would surely like it. So, I bought it. And I fell in love with the first book. Before knowing it was a series.

And even though, Robert Jordan died, and the series is now written from his notes by his wife and Brandon Sanderson, I find that I still love the story. And enjoy getting lost in it. It has fighting and scheming, love and betrayal, good vs evil, it has everything….except spaceships. 🙂

In short, excellent read. Can’t wait for the next one. Hope that more people read the series, and can share in my passion.

Until Next Time…..Happy Reading!!!!


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Geist by Philippa Ballantine

Let me just say, I love books that run in a series. Because I always just feel at all sad when a book ends and I can’t find out what happens to the characters later on, if they live happily ever after and all that. It’s too final when there is only one book. That being said….I find that sometimes single books are good too, because keeping up with a bunch of series is sometimes hard to do! I really enjoyed this book. And I am not a huge fan of fantasy books. I got hooked on Robert Jordan as my first fantasy author a couple years ago, to find out he died before finishing the WoT series. I was grumpy until Brandon Sanderson came on as the ghost writer, but I had to read some of his books to make sure he would do my series justice. So, up until a few days ago, those were two of the only fantasy authors I had really every read. I’m glad that I didn’t just limit myself to them, and decided to read this book. 🙂

 The author is really great at building the characters in this book. Sometimes I feel like an author forgets to “fill in” the character, and is worried more about the story and/or back round. Not so in this case. There was never a point in this book where I wondered what any of the characters were feeling during a particular scene. Sometimes, the story was told from two or more perspectives and it was done in such a way that I was not upset at reading the same thing, essentially, twice!

This book is based in another world, and there are Deacons in here that battle Geists. Now geists come in many, many forms so there are many ways to send them back to the Otherside. There are different levels of geist requiring sometimes more then one pair of Deacons (made up of a Sensitive and an Active) to banish them. I liked that this book was pretty fast paced. I didn’t really get bored at all once I was into the book. There was always something happening. The main…well….one of the main characters is Deacon Sorcha Faris. She is a red head with a temper who has gone through many partners, for a number of reasons. She is one of the most powerful Actives in the Order. I really like reading books with strong female leads. Sometimes, I don’t want to read about how the girl is in distress and the guy saves her. It’s nice for it to be the other way around once in a while. Don’t get me wrong. There is some romance written into this book. After all, it’s hard for a male & female to be thrown together in a perilous situation and sparks not happen. Even in real life. Plus, I gotta say, Captain Raed Rossin, is as good a candidate as they come. His character to speaks to the side of every woman that just wants to fix the guy and make him better. It helps that he is tortured by a family curse that has been around for generations and turns him into a type of geist that kills anyone around him. So, he is perfect for our Deacon.

In the beginning of the book, Sorcha is with her husband (and forth partner) when an attack happens. He is seriously wounded, almost killed, causing her to get temporarily assigned a new partner. Which is not usually how things are ran. But when the Arch Abbot says, “Hey, you are going here & this is your new Sensitive” there is not much you can do to say “No”. So this is how she gets hooked to, or should I say bonded to, Merrick. Who is young and has secrets of his own. His own fears for being close to this particular Deacon. Stemming from a childhood memory and the death of his own father.

The three make an unlikely pair and are forced to keep the alliance, even strengthen it throughout the book, based on events and happenings around them. They just keep falling into the worst luck ever. Whether it is a sea creature ripping a ship to shreds and taking down to the depths of the ocean, a head Deacon at an Abby that turns out to be trying to bring powerful geists over instead of sending them back, to their own internal struggles with facing that facts that no rules are absolute and that all their lessons don’t really mean much.

The book is hugely compelling and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy laced with a little bit of romance, suspense, and action. Great book, really. And I cannot wait until the next book in this series comes out!

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!

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Shadow of the Sun-Laura Kreitzer

Let me first start by saying “Wow”.  This book was a very good read, once I got into it. Let me say, my life as been crazy since Laura sent  me this book to review. So, I have taken m longer to review it then I normally would take. With all the chaos tely, I just haven’t really wanted to read. But, now that I  am unemployed, I find I have alot of time on my hands, and a stack of “Must Reads” that is growing. But, back to the book at hand.

I first had to get it out of my head, that I was reviewing this book for someone I talk to. When I do that, I tend to critique more than read, once I got past that, it seemed to go alot smoother.

I immediately liked the  main character, Gabriella (and I couldn’t get Laura’s twitter pic out of my head the entire time i read, so even though Gabriella was described fully, I picture Laura….sorry 🙂 ) She is a smart young woman in a field of study that some would laugh at. I am a big fan of paranormal things, so I’m not a fan that Gabriella is a skeptic, but everyone has their flaws.

Enter a great historical find from Italy, that consists of three mummies. The catch? The mummies aren’t mummies when they get the Gabriella’s lab. They now look like sleeping people in 3000 year old clothes. And when Gabriella goes to cut a piece of skin from one of them (two gorgeous men & one stunning woman) the flesh immediately grows back! The lab gets put on lockdown status and now the FBI is called in.

Meet Joesph. And by all accounts, the man can hang a suit quite nicely.  🙂 Which helps him score brownie points in my book. Not to mention, Gabriella has an almost instant connection with the guy. Also, meet Karen and Jeff. Let’s just name them bad news & worse news. That is kind of a spoiler, sorry. I hate doing that. But, after reading the book, it is hard for me to play at liking Karen for the sake of a fair review 🙂 .

After the FBI takes claim of everything and decides to take these beings (which are actually angels) to DC to do further experiments, everyone is loaded onto a private plane. My memory is fuzzy here, but in short something happens to the plane and next thing you know? The three dead angels are standing inside then plane and rescue Gabriella and a couple other passengers (the hot Joe being one of those).

The angel that save Gabriella is names Andrew…..oh wow….Andrew 🙂 this book has just made it into my top list because of its abundance of sexy men. Andrew & Gabriella have an instant connection. Literally it’s electrical. I forgot to mention, Gabriella is called the Illuminater and she is supposed to save the angels and kill all the shadows. Now, she has these angels helping to make sure nothing happens to here, because the Shadow (ahem…Jeff) is out to kill her to make sure she cannot kill him.

This book is very expense filled. Poor Gabriella, just has bad luck after bad luck happen to her. Starting with being abandoned at the age of five. Which come to find out later, there is a very good reason for that. And just when she finds her parents? Another catastrophe…she loses her mother. I was near tears for her.

Over the next pages, the true history of the angel race is revealed and the Illumaters true prophecy is brought to light (haha…i’m so funny…illumiater-light get it? i crack myself up). Then it’s back to sadness. Gabriella has to go to her mother’s funeral, and it killed me just reaading the grief she was going through. I, personally, have never felt grief like that, and never wish to. 😦

After leaving the funeral, Gabriella falls into a sleep and wakes when the sun is just coming up and decides to walk back to the gravesite. Time passes and then Andrew is there telling her she is not safe again, the shadow has come. They rush to a waiting car, and try to get away, only to get into an accident! What, oh no!! The shadow is there….Jeff….I never liked that name…now I like it even less….He talks to Gabriella about picking off everyone she loves, one at a time until she gives up. And the last thing she really remembers is getting hit in the head by a branch.

There is a scene where she is reunited with her mother…it is very beautiful. It’s ina type of purgatory. Her mother gets to explain somethings, but then leaves alot of things still hanging. Then Gabriella wakes up….in a morgue with a toetag. Not a good day for her 😦 Plus, Andrew is no where to be found. Gabriella is now faced with a choice: Does she find Andrew and risk him getting killed by the shadow? Or does she keep the fact that she is alive from everyone, even the sahdow, so that she can destroy it and restore all the angels?

I have to say, this would be an agonizing choice to make. I understand why she has to. By letting the shadow think it has won, it leaves all her loved ones alone…but to not be able to let anyone know you are really alive? Pure torture. Nothing like being completely alone, to make one appreciate the fact that people love you.

All in all….Iam super stoked and excited about getting the next book, I want… I need….to get my hands on it. I need to know if the Illuminater is successful and if Gabriella gets to be with Andrew again. I can’t stand the thought of him crying his golden tears for long 😦 So, now it’s just a waiting game. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Especially a skeptic 🙂

Until next time….Happy Reading 🙂


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