Hit List – Laurell K Hamilton


                       Hit List is the 20th(yes you read that right) book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. I am an absolute fanatic over this series. I loved it so much, that once I got down with the last one that was out at the time, I went on to read everything that I could find that Hamilton had written. She has another series out that is fantastic, but I’m getting off track.

                Before I get into the review, besides the spoilers that may come up, I would just like to say that like the J.R. Ward books, these books contain vivid sex scenes, only these are quite a bit more X-rated. They also have a very high violence in them in great detail. Anita is, after all, the Vampire Executioner.

                That being said, let’s get started.

                The beginning of this book has Anita and Edward (aka Ted aka Death) standing in the midst of a body that has been literally torn in half and is missing the heart. This is the fourth body in a series of kills done by the same group of people. A group called…shhh…the Harlequin.

                I say “shhh” because in the books, just the mention of these legendary vampires (and their animals to call) can bring them out of the shadows to hunt and kill you. They are the boogeymen of the supernatural world.

The Harlequin is wanting to get to Anita because Marmie Noir wants her. Well, to be more specific, she wants Anita’s body. Not in the sexual way either, in the possession kind of way. In the previous book, Marmie Noir, or the Mother of all Darkness, had her body blown up by the vampire council because of their fear of her.

                I really liked this book because it is based in Seattle, which is very close to home. So, I was able to relate and actually picture and understand the weather.

                Anyway, Anita winds up getting hurt pretty badly, so Edward brings in his second choice back-ups: Bernardo Spotted-Horse and Olaf Jefferies.

                Bernardo is a ladies man along with a hired gun.

And Olaf is just scary. He is literally a serial killer, but the government let’s his “hobbies” slide, as long as he doesn’t do it in America and he keeps training people to be just a vicious.

                Anita is his perfect victim and he has it in his head that they should be dating. Out of morbid curiosity, I want to see the ardeur over take Anita when she is with Olaf. I wonder if it would scare him? (Side note: the ardeur is something that Anita inherited from Jean-Claude as his human servant.).

                In this book, you get to see a lot more of Edward then in any other book in the series. Obsidian Butterfly might be the only other book he features as prominently. I liked getting to know him more and learning that he is changing and that Anita is an important person in

his life.

                This book didn’t have any of the main men in Anita’s life, really. Which was a little disappointing to me, only because Jean-Claude and Asher are simply delicious as vampires, and as for Were-animal? Micah and Jason: Yummy.              

                Did I mention that some of the Weres and the Vamps are strippers? Oh yeah, definitely a plus…if you are into reading books like that.

                If you like vivid violence (where the good guys mostly win) and intense adult scenes, then this series is for you. The series starts with Guilty Pleasures.

                They don’t start getting naughty until about the 8th or 9th book.


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