Then He Kissed Me by Christie Ridgway

**WARNING**My review may contain SPOILERS**

So, I received an advanced copy of this book and I did finish reading it before it’s release date which was this past Tuesday. I just didn’t get around to doing my review….I know, I know, bad Jessica. But, to be honest, it has been a really rough couple of weeks. My husband was diagnosed with a brain aneurism (that turned out to be TWO aneurism and a return trip to Seattle on the 17th) and so we spent days in the hospital, where surprisingly, my review was the last thing on my mind. No offense meant to the author, or to anyone else. I just thought I would explain a little bit, as to why I am putting up a review late.

I am usually not that big into romance books, just for the romance of them. I don’t mind reading drama that has romance (ie: vivid sex scenes & torrid love affairs), I just have found that romance for the sake of romance isn’t my cup of tea. I have also found that most romance novels share the same basic outline: one person loves another who doesn’t want to be loved and in the end, they wind up together. Happily ever after. So, like I said, I like a book that isn’t all about the romance and has a whole separate storyline ahead of the love. But, in this case, I was interested in reading the book, because I hadn’t read a good chick-lit, love book in a while, and to be honest, just needed the happy ending.

In this book, which I found out is the second book in a series, we meet Stevie Baci. She is a limo driver (she owns her own company) and also is part of a family business of making and selling wine in Napa Valley. The opening chapter had my attention instantly and I wound up finishing this book in about a day and a half. Stevie is having to drive her ex around on New Year’s Eve with his current fiance. Ouch. To make things worse, there is a tall, dark, and handsome (not to mention instant attraction) brother of the bride-to-be to contend with. Jack, has a very bad reputation. For loving and leaving and a number of other things. He gets into her car and let’s her know that since she is now in charge of his sister’s wedding that she is now his new best friend. Because, he isn’t letting his sister’s wedding get ruined over a jilted lover.

The instant attraction between these two is wonderfully written. The fact that Stevie tries (and fails miserably) to have sex like a man and to keep things simple, is a strong basis in the book. She thinks that if she keeps telling herself that it’s just sex that maybe she won’t fall in love with Jack and that she may be able to salvage what is left of her life since he ex left her. She knows that in the small town they live in, everyone knows the nitty-gritty and they feel sorry for her. She doesn’t want their pity, so has decided to play the game with Jack in the hopes that with him around, everyone will see she isn’t mooning over her ex. And that she is fully capable of planning and executing a wedding for him and his bride-to-be.

But Jack and his sister have secrets of their own. Like being kidnapped and not ever wanting to go home. Or the fact that Roxie stole Stevie’s boyfriend knowing fully that he was already taken. Plus, Jack doesn’t want to admit that he is falling for Stevie. That although she shows the world a tough tomboy she is really a softie on the inside.

I really did enjoy reading this book. And now knowing that it is part of a series, I want to go and read the first one. AND can’t wait until the third one comes out in June. (especially since there was a teaser in the back of my book, to give me an idea of what is to come!)

All in all, if you like romance, I would say to give this author a chance. There is a story that goes along with the romance. The Baci sisters trying to save their winery, or Jack & his sister trying to escape their pasts. So, it makes it worth the read.

Here are some places to find/learn more about the book:

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Until Next Time….Happy Reading!!!


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