Soul Stalker by Laura Kreitzer

So, I finally got around to finishing this book after about a month and a half of having it. In my defense, the Robert Jordan book came out and I have been waiting a year for that one! Plus, it was over 800 pages!! To top it off, I got the Soul Stalker book sent to me as an e-book, and my computer ate it. It completely refused to transfer into my kindle, which was frustrating to say the least 😦 . I finally just went and bought the book from amazon and started in on it. Slowly….

Not to say that Ms. Kreitzer is a bad writer, that is not that case at all. Soul Stalker is the second book in her Timeless series, the first being Shadow of the Sun (read my review here: ). I just had forgotten where the previous book had left off, and felt a little lost in the first couple of chapters is all.

I did enjoy getting back into Kreizter’s style of writing. She writes very fluidly and it is easy to follow along and get caught up in the emotions of the moment. That being said, let’s get down to the details, shall we?

When Shadow of the Sun ended, we, as the reader, knew that our heroine and Illuminator was still alive, whereas pretty much no one else was privy to this information. So, in the beginning of this book, Gabriella has revealed her still living, if a little altered, state of being to Joseph. The extremely attractive FBI agent. Together, well, mostly Gabriella, makes a plan to find her Angels (Andrew, Ehno, Aiden, and Lucia), she just needs the help that the FBI can give her.

First thing on her list, get to Italy. Second thing, save Zola. Third, save her Angels. And fourth, try not to die *again* during any of this.

In the first book, the attraction between Joseph and Gabriella is very noticeable, as is her instant love and infatuation with Andrew (one of the Angels, her kindred spirit to be exact). I am usually a big fan of love triangles, they add a little paunch to any story. And every reader will always choose one side or the other. In my case, I felt the choice was a little biased. I really like Joseph. He did meet her first, he’s human, attainable, super sexy, and he likes Gabriella. But, he is no match for a celestial being. So, I was sad at the end of the last book when things really hadn’t been resolved in the love triangle. I like happy endings, I’m a bit of a sap that way. I don’t want to see Joseph just hanging around hoping that Andrew will fly away…all puns intended. Then, in this book, you find out that Joseph and Jenna (Gabriella’s sister) went to each other during the time of grieving over the death of Gabriella. And things are looking very good (and a little cute) for the two of them.

In Soul Stalker, Gabriella finds herself facing more problems and still grieving over the loss of her mother. searching for Andrew and trying to really get control of her new Angelic powers. Trying to save the world and trying not to get killed by the Soul Stalker. She is a very busy woman! I really like the character development, and hope that in the end, most things work out for the best.

And I say “most” only because I know that there has to be more tragedies and drama for the books to stay alive and keep interest. If Gabriella always got her way, and things always worked out the first try, I think that I would be almost disgusted with the book and not want to read more. But, the way that this book is handled is great. Enough sad things happen, to make you more emotionally attached to the book. You find yourself rooting for Gabriella and wanting to get in there and help her out. All in all, I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone I know. I would caution however, to read the first book relatively close to the same time, just so some of the details are still fresh in your mind.

Excellent book, Laura Kreitzer, can’t wait for the next!

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Until Next Time…..Happy Reading!


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