Geist by Philippa Ballantine

Let me just say, I love books that run in a series. Because I always just feel at all sad when a book ends and I can’t find out what happens to the characters later on, if they live happily ever after and all that. It’s too final when there is only one book. That being said….I find that sometimes single books are good too, because keeping up with a bunch of series is sometimes hard to do! I really enjoyed this book. And I am not a huge fan of fantasy books. I got hooked on Robert Jordan as my first fantasy author a couple years ago, to find out he died before finishing the WoT series. I was grumpy until Brandon Sanderson came on as the ghost writer, but I had to read some of his books to make sure he would do my series justice. So, up until a few days ago, those were two of the only fantasy authors I had really every read. I’m glad that I didn’t just limit myself to them, and decided to read this book. 🙂

 The author is really great at building the characters in this book. Sometimes I feel like an author forgets to “fill in” the character, and is worried more about the story and/or back round. Not so in this case. There was never a point in this book where I wondered what any of the characters were feeling during a particular scene. Sometimes, the story was told from two or more perspectives and it was done in such a way that I was not upset at reading the same thing, essentially, twice!

This book is based in another world, and there are Deacons in here that battle Geists. Now geists come in many, many forms so there are many ways to send them back to the Otherside. There are different levels of geist requiring sometimes more then one pair of Deacons (made up of a Sensitive and an Active) to banish them. I liked that this book was pretty fast paced. I didn’t really get bored at all once I was into the book. There was always something happening. The main…well….one of the main characters is Deacon Sorcha Faris. She is a red head with a temper who has gone through many partners, for a number of reasons. She is one of the most powerful Actives in the Order. I really like reading books with strong female leads. Sometimes, I don’t want to read about how the girl is in distress and the guy saves her. It’s nice for it to be the other way around once in a while. Don’t get me wrong. There is some romance written into this book. After all, it’s hard for a male & female to be thrown together in a perilous situation and sparks not happen. Even in real life. Plus, I gotta say, Captain Raed Rossin, is as good a candidate as they come. His character to speaks to the side of every woman that just wants to fix the guy and make him better. It helps that he is tortured by a family curse that has been around for generations and turns him into a type of geist that kills anyone around him. So, he is perfect for our Deacon.

In the beginning of the book, Sorcha is with her husband (and forth partner) when an attack happens. He is seriously wounded, almost killed, causing her to get temporarily assigned a new partner. Which is not usually how things are ran. But when the Arch Abbot says, “Hey, you are going here & this is your new Sensitive” there is not much you can do to say “No”. So this is how she gets hooked to, or should I say bonded to, Merrick. Who is young and has secrets of his own. His own fears for being close to this particular Deacon. Stemming from a childhood memory and the death of his own father.

The three make an unlikely pair and are forced to keep the alliance, even strengthen it throughout the book, based on events and happenings around them. They just keep falling into the worst luck ever. Whether it is a sea creature ripping a ship to shreds and taking down to the depths of the ocean, a head Deacon at an Abby that turns out to be trying to bring powerful geists over instead of sending them back, to their own internal struggles with facing that facts that no rules are absolute and that all their lessons don’t really mean much.

The book is hugely compelling and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy laced with a little bit of romance, suspense, and action. Great book, really. And I cannot wait until the next book in this series comes out!

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!


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