Indulgence in Death by JD Robb

**WARNING** May contain **SPOILERS**

I have to say that I absolutely love reading books that are part of a series. While I hate waiting 6 months to a year between the new books to come out, I am always thrilled when I hear that the next book is already in the works. I feel like I have come to know the characters and love them each in their own way. Kind of like the real people in my life.


That being said, Indulgence in Death is definitely worth the read. If you have never read one of the “In Death” books by JD Robb you are completely missing out. She is a homicide lieutenant based in the future and before you go all “Ewwww I hate Sci-Fi and futuristic novels” this is not in that genre. Not really. The writing and the things that are in the future are things that you can actually envision being part of our everyday lives at this point already. After all, these books are only based about 50 or so years ahead of us now, and some of the technology in the first book, has already come out.

Buuuuuttttttt…..back to the book at hand. It is the latest edition in a long line of books. (each one with the same major/key characters but each book it’s own case). This time, it starts out with Eve (lieutenant Eve Dallas, Homicide) and her husband Roarke (read: mega hot, mega rich and oh yeah Irish) are on a vacation, which is something they normally don’t do, as she’s the top cop and he is usually buying up pieces of the known universe.

When they get back to New York, Eve catches a case that is slightly bizaar. Not to say that all of her cases are normal, per se. But, in the future (even now come to think of it) a limo driver being killed be a cross bow bolt is very unique. Turns out this guy was the best in his field, built a company up from one broke down limo to a fleet with a full staff and the highest marks in society. The “client” that he had to pick up, turns out to be a complete ID theft kind of situation. Guy has no clue how his company credit card got used or any of that and has an alibi for the time in question.

Add to that a second body. Same MO. Mostly. It’s a LC (licenced companion AKA a hooker) that is the top of her field and she is killed in a pretty public place, same as the limo driver. Only she isn’t killed with a cross bow bolt, but a bayonet. What are the chances that two crimes are done in public areas, with weapons that are considered antique, old school, and take special skills to use AND killing people at the top of the food chain in their respected areas of employment?

So, now Eve has to find out who done it and why. I love getting inside her head and knowing her thought process. She has become someone that I wish was real, just so I could meet her. She connects to every crime on a personal levels, to make sure no one’s death ever makes them a no body. To her, they are all somebody and nobody deserves to die.

Working with Eve, is her husband Roarke who is a man of very man talents. In bed and out…he he he he. She has an excellent bunch of supporting people around her. And it is awesome to see how her life has changed from book one to now.

I was reading this book on Tuesday at work and my coworker was all, “That must be a good book, because you keep smiling” I answered, “It’s like seeing old friends and I love how Eve and Roarke interact”.

I give this book 5 stars all the way. But, that’s probably because I’m slightly biased and completely hooked into the series. I always recommend these books to people who are into books that are part of a series, or like drama, crime, and a bit of romance thrown in.

Until next time….Happy Reading!!!!



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