The Dead Path by Stephen M. Irwin

**WARNING** my review may contain **SPOILERS**

I want to start off by first saying, wow it has been a long time since I have read an adult “horror” book and been unnerved. This book was a little slow to start and a bit confusing how it kept jumping from past to present and back again. Once I realized what was happening, I grasped the pattern of speech and the surrounding and was able to stay caught up 🙂

The book starts out with Nicholas Close watching his wife up on a later during a remodel, then he has to leave to go get something from the store. As he leaves, it starts to rain, and rather then go back inside to get the keys to the car or a jacket for that matter, he decides to take his scooter. Which turns out to be a very, very bad idea.

He gets into an accident, and goes to call home instead of an ambulance, only no one picks up the phone at home. Worried he rushes home to find his wife slipped off of the latter and broke her neck, trying to answer her cell phone. And now, he lives with this guilt everyday and feels like everyone in her family blames him for his wife’s death. And honestly, in everyday death, people want someone to blame. Nicholas just made it really easy for them 😦

Nicholas winds up slipping down the stairs in front of his apartment and hitting his head quite hard, next thing a kid is stabbing him with a screwdriver….only not? Turns out the whack on his skull has knocked something around in there and now he can see ghosts. Not your ordinary everyday type ghosts, but ones that met a violent end. And they don’t talk to him like in the movie “The Sixth Sense”, or implore him for any type of help. No, these ghosts are stuck in kind of a time loop. Where they keep repeating the final moments of their lives. Over and over and over again. Nicholas sees them everywhere. Sometimes it’s as confusing to the reader as it is to Nicolas as to which people are real and which people are not people at all, but echos of people who used to be.

Eventually, Nicholas moves from England back to Australia, which is where his mother and sister live. Although, in different parts. He goes back to his mother’s. She lives in the same house that he grew up in and on his way into the old neighborhood, he sees that not much seems to have changed. Even the creepy woods are still there. He stops his car and gets out to look at them and just feels that there is something wrong with them still. And he can’t help but wonder why these trees haven’t succomed to the housing boom. Why has no one chopped them up and cleared it all away?

He goes on to his mother’s home. And let me just say here, that I am not a fan of the mother. She seems like a right and selfish b*tch….ahem excuse my language on that one. She just comes off as not reallly wanting her children around. Especially, Nicholas. She thinks he is bad luck and that bad things follow him around. After all, his best friend was murdered back when he was 10….

Anyways, so the first night he is back the cops come knocking at like 3 am or so and are looking for a child. They are really trying to get Nicholas, he just seems to fit perfectly. He comes back into town and bam! a child is now missing. His mother has to jump to his defense. They find out a few days later that the little girl has been killed…her throat cut open, just like his childhood friend, Tristram.

The story gets really in depth, you find out that kids have been disappearing for over a hundred years…every 15 years or so. And if they are found, it’s usually a few miles away and some guy confesses to killing them, but before they can stand trial? They commit suicide. Wraps a case all nicely, practically with a bow. Why would there be any reason to keep looking for a killer in the woods, when people keep coming and confessing to it?

The part that got to me, I think, was the spiders. They play a huge part in this book. And I am by far, not a lover of spiders. At one point, I was so into the book, that some of my hair came loose and tickled my forehead, causing me to “SQUEEEEE” and smack myself quite hard. Resulting in smashing my reading glasses into the bridge of my nose and leaving a nice red mark there 😦

I don’t want to give a way to many details. I have really only given a peek into the book. I feel that I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Dean Koontz, Stephen King, or any other horror author of that same ilk. I would definitely love to read more books by this author. I didn’t feel like I had to force myself to read the book, more like, I had to force myself to STOP reading the book. A sign of a good, make that great, plot line, in my opinion.

Until next time…Happy Reading!!!



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2 responses to “The Dead Path by Stephen M. Irwin

  1. This is not really my kind of book because I’m a big fat CHICKEN! Lol =) But I really enjoyed reading your review! It gave me a good sense of the book and you had some lovely turns of phrase in there! I really am tempted to read this one….but I know it will scare the living daylights out of me – especially if there are spiders! Gah!

    • OMG 🙂 the spiders were horrible! in a creepy, completely horror story chic kind of way. lol. this guy is definitly on par with stephen king. or soon will be. this book kind of reminded of “IT” by stephen king, in so far as, in “IT” King used a GIANT spider and i hated reading about that too!!

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