Crave by JR Ward

Hey there!! I know that I haven’t been on here in a while to update or blog about anything. Life has been pretty hectic (lost my job, got pregnant & put on bed rest, let off of bed rest, court for my brother….etc…) and for a moment, I wasn’t reading anything. Then by the time I started reading again, I felt like it was too late to blog about those books….which is wrong 😦 So, here I am back at it again. I hope I can be forgiven and that we can all be book buddies again πŸ™‚

So, I bought a kindle. It is my new bestie. I pretty much take it with me everywhere….okay technically I do take it everywhere because once I got my iPhoneI downloaded the Kindle app….now I never go anywhere without at least 100+ books with me…huge nerd.

I downloaded the newest book from JR Ward, Crave. It’s from her Fallen Angels series. The second one in, after Covet. So far, I am definitely enjoying these books. I decided on them, because I got hooked into Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series about vampires and such. Totally would recommend those books to anyone….well anyone old enough to appreciate a really detailed sex scenes, anyways πŸ™‚

Covet is the second book (as I already mentioned), these books are based on a final fight between ultimate good and evil with one human being the keystone piece who gets 7 chances to help 7 souls. He has to find the soul, and try to swing them either toward good or evil. At the end of the 7 souls, which ever side (angels or demons) has the most souls (4-3) is the victor. This means that they get total control of Heaven, Hell, and all that’s in between.

I’m really liking these books, even though I’m not usually into books that have some kind of religious overtone. But, I like Ward’s style of writing. You can get sucked into a book and have a vested interest in the outcome and well being of the characters. Which is a sign of an excellent author from my point of view. Of course it helps that she is a NY Times best selling author πŸ™‚

In Covet, Jim Heron (the chosen human) is off to find his second soul to save and to beat Devina (the head demon). This book kind of confused me because it was written from so many different points of view. One minute, I was in Jim’s mind, the next Devina’s, then Isaac (the soul to save), etc.

I did find myself bored a few times. I understand giving backstory and filling people in, really I do. But, everytime the flashback occured back to Iraq or Afganistan (cant recall which,Β  just that it was middle east and wartime) I would start skimming the page to get past it as fast as possible.

I like the depth of the characters, and the struggles and flaws of each one. It makes them all appear more real and more relateable. I do like the shifting points of view, as long as it’s not too many. In this book, I felt that looking through the eyes of some 6-8 people was a little much. I always wanted to get back to Isaac or Jim mostly, and sometimes Grier (the female attorny who falls for Isaac).

Overall, I would say this book was good. Not my favorite, definitely not the bottom of my list either. But, I was worried that when I began this series that it would be over quickly even though it said there was 7 souls to save or condemn. I figured it would be hard to read a book from the soul’s point of view and then watch them get condemned. What can I say, I’m an eternal optomist. πŸ™‚ I was presently surprised by the ending of this book though. I didn’t see it coming. And since I am trying not to write out spoilers or kill a book for anyone, I have limited the actual details that I include in my reviews.

Until next time….Happy Reading !!!



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