Shadow of the Sun-Laura Kreitzer

Let me first start by saying “Wow”.  This book was a very good read, once I got into it. Let me say, my life as been crazy since Laura sent  me this book to review. So, I have taken m longer to review it then I normally would take. With all the chaos tely, I just haven’t really wanted to read. But, now that I  am unemployed, I find I have alot of time on my hands, and a stack of “Must Reads” that is growing. But, back to the book at hand.

I first had to get it out of my head, that I was reviewing this book for someone I talk to. When I do that, I tend to critique more than read, once I got past that, it seemed to go alot smoother.

I immediately liked the  main character, Gabriella (and I couldn’t get Laura’s twitter pic out of my head the entire time i read, so even though Gabriella was described fully, I picture Laura….sorry 🙂 ) She is a smart young woman in a field of study that some would laugh at. I am a big fan of paranormal things, so I’m not a fan that Gabriella is a skeptic, but everyone has their flaws.

Enter a great historical find from Italy, that consists of three mummies. The catch? The mummies aren’t mummies when they get the Gabriella’s lab. They now look like sleeping people in 3000 year old clothes. And when Gabriella goes to cut a piece of skin from one of them (two gorgeous men & one stunning woman) the flesh immediately grows back! The lab gets put on lockdown status and now the FBI is called in.

Meet Joesph. And by all accounts, the man can hang a suit quite nicely.  🙂 Which helps him score brownie points in my book. Not to mention, Gabriella has an almost instant connection with the guy. Also, meet Karen and Jeff. Let’s just name them bad news & worse news. That is kind of a spoiler, sorry. I hate doing that. But, after reading the book, it is hard for me to play at liking Karen for the sake of a fair review 🙂 .

After the FBI takes claim of everything and decides to take these beings (which are actually angels) to DC to do further experiments, everyone is loaded onto a private plane. My memory is fuzzy here, but in short something happens to the plane and next thing you know? The three dead angels are standing inside then plane and rescue Gabriella and a couple other passengers (the hot Joe being one of those).

The angel that save Gabriella is names Andrew…..oh wow….Andrew 🙂 this book has just made it into my top list because of its abundance of sexy men. Andrew & Gabriella have an instant connection. Literally it’s electrical. I forgot to mention, Gabriella is called the Illuminater and she is supposed to save the angels and kill all the shadows. Now, she has these angels helping to make sure nothing happens to here, because the Shadow (ahem…Jeff) is out to kill her to make sure she cannot kill him.

This book is very expense filled. Poor Gabriella, just has bad luck after bad luck happen to her. Starting with being abandoned at the age of five. Which come to find out later, there is a very good reason for that. And just when she finds her parents? Another catastrophe…she loses her mother. I was near tears for her.

Over the next pages, the true history of the angel race is revealed and the Illumaters true prophecy is brought to light (haha…i’m so funny…illumiater-light get it? i crack myself up). Then it’s back to sadness. Gabriella has to go to her mother’s funeral, and it killed me just reaading the grief she was going through. I, personally, have never felt grief like that, and never wish to. 😦

After leaving the funeral, Gabriella falls into a sleep and wakes when the sun is just coming up and decides to walk back to the gravesite. Time passes and then Andrew is there telling her she is not safe again, the shadow has come. They rush to a waiting car, and try to get away, only to get into an accident! What, oh no!! The shadow is there….Jeff….I never liked that name…now I like it even less….He talks to Gabriella about picking off everyone she loves, one at a time until she gives up. And the last thing she really remembers is getting hit in the head by a branch.

There is a scene where she is reunited with her mother…it is very beautiful. It’s ina type of purgatory. Her mother gets to explain somethings, but then leaves alot of things still hanging. Then Gabriella wakes up….in a morgue with a toetag. Not a good day for her 😦 Plus, Andrew is no where to be found. Gabriella is now faced with a choice: Does she find Andrew and risk him getting killed by the shadow? Or does she keep the fact that she is alive from everyone, even the sahdow, so that she can destroy it and restore all the angels?

I have to say, this would be an agonizing choice to make. I understand why she has to. By letting the shadow think it has won, it leaves all her loved ones alone…but to not be able to let anyone know you are really alive? Pure torture. Nothing like being completely alone, to make one appreciate the fact that people love you.

All in all….Iam super stoked and excited about getting the next book, I want… I need….to get my hands on it. I need to know if the Illuminater is successful and if Gabriella gets to be with Andrew again. I can’t stand the thought of him crying his golden tears for long 😦 So, now it’s just a waiting game. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Especially a skeptic 🙂

Until next time….Happy Reading 🙂



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4 responses to “Shadow of the Sun-Laura Kreitzer

  1. Wasn’t it amazing?? I’m dying for the next installment too!

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