Midnight Alley – Rachel Caine

It’s official, I am completely addicted to this series.

In this book, the four friends: Claire, Shane, Eve, and the newly-made Vampire hottie…Michael, have to face more trials and tribulations. And not just from the outside, but predjudices from the inside.

Shane is a huge vampire hater, and is having a horrible time trying to see his best friend be a vampire. He is constantly being rude and ignorant. To the point that I, as the reader, wished I could reach into the book and shake him. Poor Michael, just wanted to stop being a ghost trapped in The Glass House, and to be able to halp save Shane, and he is getting the short end of the stick.

To make things worse, an underground newspaper that is in town, and is known to be a outlet for “Captain Obvious” who is an avid vampire hater. This guy prints things in his paper, hinting at killing off the vampires. And no one can find him! Well, Capt Obvious has just published a piece on Michael and prints a picture of Michael along side the story, siting that Michael is now part of the “Better off Dead” club. Not good. In other words, Michael is now a walking target for disgruntled humans.

At the end of the last book, Claire gets a letter from Amalie that is more or less telling Claire that if she swears herself to Amalie that Claire and her friends will be safe. So she signs the contract and doesn’t tell her friends. Next thing you know, she gets a personal delivery of a gold Protection bracelet. And finds Amalie in her room to “help” her put it on. Since it has no clasp or anything. To Claire’s dismay, she now has to figure out how to hide what she has done.

She does okay for the first morning, by night fall when she had to stay late with a crazy Vampire name Myrnin (and when I say crazy, I mean completely schizo). One minute Myrnin is fully lucid and talking about teaching her all kinds of secrets about vampire history and how they apparently have a disease (the one that is eating away at Myrnin) that needs to be cured and the next minute he is talking about ripping her throat out. Not good for her. But, she feels sorry for him at the same time. So, when she gets home late, she walks into a fight and sees all of Shane’s belongings in boxes in the entry way. He is moving out, he can’t live in a house with a Vampire. Ugh, Shane :::shakes head remorsefully::: . Then they notice her and the attention gets switched because she was out after dark and had no one with her. Is she crazy?!? Was she bit by any vamps? Can she prove it? Shane reaches for her and examines her neck and tries to check her arms and in a panic and being upset, she yanks free. She doesn’t want them to see Amalie’s bracelet. Michael grabs her and lifts her sleeve, while blocking the other two. He sees the bracelet and doesn’t say anything at first. He then takes her into the hidden pantry and makes her tell him.

Later on, Claire falls asleep on the couch with Shane. Things had calmed down considerably at this point. When something wakes her up. It also wakes up Shane and Eve. They don’t know what sets it off, but they are all awake and alert instantly. They look out the windows to see a cop car with it’s lights going, and a vampire car with a body next to it. Michael! Or at least that is all of their first thoughts. Eve runs to check his room and he isn’t there. They go out front, and find out that it is Sam. A “good” vampire, so to say. And then Richard Morelli, the mayor’s son and Monica’s brother, shows up and rushes off with Sam to take him to Amalie to see if she can save him. Meanwhile, Clair, Shane, & Eve have no idea who did it and where Sam is at.

Oh and did I mention, crazy Jason (Eve’s killer brother) is back? This book is just full of the crazies…and not in very good ways for our four stars 😦

Well, I’m going to end it here. Don’t want to give away to much. I figure leaving you wondering if Jason kills again, Myrnin eats Claire, Michael is safe, and who killed Sam…is enough torture…or even incentive to get you to read the book. 🙂

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!!!



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3 responses to “Midnight Alley – Rachel Caine

  1. Did you do a review for the first book? I bought it but I haven’t read it yet and if you are this taken by the series I might bump it up on my list.

    BTW, I can’t wait for you to review my book!


    • Yes, I did review the first book. It is called ‘Glass Houses’ the series is great. And the books are not huge novels, so they are a quick read. Which surprisingly, doesn’t detract from them at all. I would highly recommend them to anyone. 🙂

  2. Oo this sounds like an intriguing read! I find the controversy over Captain Obvious especially interesting. I can definitely see some social commentary there, and I’m a sucker for social commentary =) Thanks for the great review!

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