Dead Girls Dance-Rachel Caine

So, I read the first book in this series in almost no time and all…and due to modern technology and the aide of my Kindle from Amazon, I was able to instantly get the second book and start on it. AND finish in like a day. The books are very good and very catchy. 🙂

In this book, we get to see the four friends go through a lot more together. **SPOILER** In the end of the first book, we left on edge wondering if Michael dies…which is kind of funny considering he’s a ghost and all. So this book picks right up from there, having him being drug outside to be buried by Shane’s dad and biker buddies. Not pretty, especially for Eve who is in love with him. 😦

Shane’s dad is one big, crazy guy…who has a love of beating Shane. Not a good guy, no matter his reasons in my book. Apparently he and Shane had worked out a plan to find out who the head Vamp was and to kill them. Well, this was before Shane found out Michael was a ghost, before he started having feelings for Claire, and way before Shane had become dependant on the Founder’s Protection. Now, he doesn’t want his dad to do anything, which sets this guy off. Like, off the deep end…or even further off the deep end.

Meanwhile, Shane has made the girls lock themselves in Eve’s room with the clear instructions not to open the door for anyone but himself. Period. Which works for the first time Shane…until he storms out after arguing with the girls. So when someone comes back to the door, Claire opens it thinking it would be Shane. Not so. It’s one of the big biker guys and he has some nasty plans for the girls. Eve grabs a hockey stick and pushes Claire behind her in attempt to proctect them both. And guess who shows up? Michael! He’s not dead anymore! Well…I guess he is, since he’s still a ghost…but he’s not dead dead. Just half dead and he more or less rescues the girls. Afterward, he tells them not to tell Shane, since his father is beating him for information and the last thing they need is Shane messing up and telling his dad that Michael lives as long as Glass House stands…

What now? The girls are locked upstairs while Shane is getting beat downstairs….Michael calls 911. Duh. What else do you do when you have people in your house that you don’t want there?

The next big thing that happens in the story is that Eve’s crazy brother is let out of jail. And when I say crazy, I mean slicing up girls crazy and Eve was the one who turned him in and filed the report. So now, on top of some vamps not liking them, Shane’s dad out to get them all killed, they have to worry about a crazy human kid as well.

So while they are out and about, one of the “bad” vamps gets murdered in a not so nice way and who happens to be found with the body? A biker guy and….Shane. Now, Shane is on “Trial” which I use this term super losely. Because Eve & Claire are there just to witness pretty much. There is Oliver for the bad vamps, Amalie as the Founder (or the oldest vamp) and the human mayor. A few questions are asked and next thing you know, Shane is set to die at dawn two days in the future. His protection from the Founder has been forfeit and an ugly situation, if you can believe it, gets even uglier.

The girls have to turn to a vampire for help…well a couple vampires. Their last resort is Sam. He is the youngest of all vampires and he is at some frat party, so the girls have to find him. They get separated and Claire runs into a guy who had invited her and then he is helping her find Sam and Eve. Which is super nice, you know. He even gets her a bottle of water…that winds up being laced with GSR (date rape drug) and taking her to a room that has three guys just waiting for them. Not so nice anymore. Claire is now stuck in the room and realizes what has happened. She tries to defend herself, but finds that she is getting weaker and weaker…ssssoooo not good.

Lucky that Eve and Sam show up. And then more hell breaks loose downstairs. Sam shoves them all into a closet with a very scary warning to the boys not to even think about touching the girls. At the end of it all, one human and two vamps are killed. The bikers came to play…or not.

So the whole book is about getting Shane back…alive. And I am a big fan of that! All in all I would highly recommend this book. Of course, read the first one first 🙂 but do follow up with this one. The ending is awesome….except that it is another cliff hanger. Good thing that the third one is in print already. 🙂

Until Next Time…Happy Reading !!!


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