Hot Rocks & Big Jack

Okay, so these two books are different, sort of? LoL. Nora Roberts IS JD Robb, so these are still both relating, I promise 🙂 . I started reading Hot Rocks on Friday when I went to my sisters in Seattle. About two maybe three? chapters in…I began to get this feeling that I have read this book before….Don’t get me wrong, I reread books all the time…on purpose. I don’t like spending money on a book that I already own, unless it’s to give away on my blog or twitter 🙂 which I might just do with this set… 🙂 If anyone who reads this, likes JD Robb or Nora Roberts and ever read “Remember When” these are those books. As far as Ican tell. I’m in the process of moving and my Remember When book is in a box somewhere. But, what gave it away was the fact that in Hot Rock the store is called Remember When…see how quick I am? LoL.

But, in all fairness, I didn’t remember everything that happened in the book, and since it’s only about 250 pages, no big loss. The book starts out in a smal town…well by the discription, it’s bigger than where I live in Forks 🙂 , Laine Tavish is in her antique shop when a little old man comes in. He is sad that she doesn’t remember him and gives her a business card, then leaves. Next thing Laine hears are tires squeeling, a thud, and sees that the old man who was just in her store has been hit by a car. She rushes out to him, and he tries to talk. He winds up singing part of a song from her childhood memories and then she realizes she does know this guy. He’s her unlce Willie. Not really, her unlce, but you know the uncle by proxy that we all have? The one that has been friends with one of our parents soooo long, that to not call them uncle/aunt is an insult? Anyways, off point, LoL. He mumbles something about “He knows your here” and “Hide the pooch”. Needless to say she is completely confused. The only he she things Willie can be talking about is her father Jack o’Hara aka Big Jack (he, he…the other book title). But, there is no reason for Big Jack to instill fear in Willie, since Big Jack and Willie go back forever.

Enter Max Gannon. A stud if there ever was one. (I gotta pause here just to say that Nora Roberts/JD Robb can put a man together on paper! Ones that make you just want to drool all over yourself and rush to a cold shower…in a good way of course:) ). But Max, is a PI for an insurance company that is looking to recover about 30 million worth of diamonds. The inside man from the job was murdered, and from what Max has put together is there was 4 people in the plan for the heist: Willie, Big Jack, Myers (the inside guy), and Alex Crew (a VERY bad guy with no scruples). Max picks up Willie’s trail and finding him dead in a some po-dunk town, wonders what brought him here. Doing searches on all parties, he has found that Big Jack O’Hara had a daughter Elaine O’Hara….and well, well, well Laine Tavish (short for elaine? maybe?) owns the shop that Willie was ran down in front of.

Of course, a hot and yummy romance starts between them. At first, for Max, it’s all about finding the diamonds…what’s the harm in spending time with a beautiful woman while trying to solve a case. Side note: he gets 5 % of whatever part of 30 million he recovers.

It gets really crazy, when you get to read from Alex Crews point of view for a chapter or two throughout the book. Draws you right in and has you hoping that everything will work out and that we will get a happy ending. Crew is certifiable, total whack job. He doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get his diamonds. He wants all of them. He never intended to share them with the other 3 people. They were just pawns to get everything out. But, Big Jack knew who he was and went into the wind, figuring Alex would follow him & not Willie. And that’s how Alex finds Laine. And a new plan forms…a very nasty one if I do say so myself.

Now….on to Big Jack….

I know, I’m horrible. Just leaving you hanging at the end of that review, but I hate spoilers. And I want you to read it and be as into the books as me!

This one if with LT Eve Dallas who I freaking love!! She is so awesome. She is a kick ass cop. And let me tell you, when I first started this series…about 8 or 9 years ago now…Dallas was the reason I started to go to college to become a homicide detective. I wanted to be this person, you know? We all have our role models…mine just happed to be a fictional one…sue me…lol. But, I had a son a few years later and decided that a cop’s kid was not a good life to give my son. So, I changed my goals. Not complaining, mind you, I wouldn’t trade my son for the world. But, I still love reading these books, and living vecariously thru Dallas.

In the begining of this book, Sam Gannon (granddaughter of Max & Laine Gannaon from Hot Rocks) is just back from a two week book tour promoting her book…wait for it…HOT ROCKS!! lol. She talked her grandparents into letting her write the story about the boosted diamonds. Only 3/4 of the diamonds were ever recovered. Sam wrote the book more for the romance of her grandparents, but the diamond hiest was a big selling point for the book.

When she walks into her house, it’s trashed. All her stuff is thrown around and destroyed. She pulls out her ‘link (cell phone) and calls her BFF Andrea (who was supposed to be housesitting) and when Andrea doesn’t pick up she starts flipping out on the voicemail. About how if Andrea was going to throw a party fine, but at least clean up!! She is ranting about it, when she starts upstairs and smells something dis-gus-ting. She is saying that Andrea is dead the next time she sees her when she opens the bedroom door and sees Andrea laying dead on the floor.

The cops get called…my favorite crime fighting team….Dallas & Peabody. These books are from a little while before the Fantasy in Death book a just reviewed, and as such, Peadbody has just been promoted to Dectective and is trying to find her grove. She is trying out all manner of outfits to find her “detective style” it is pretty hilarious.

They review the scene and find out about the books. They think that Andrea is a bystander, not the target. That the diamonds are the target, and that the person had to kill Andrea because she came in during the search. That the killer had to know that Sam was out of town, but didn’t know that there was a house sitter. Surprise!

So Dallas starts poking around and finds out who all has the security system codes, going to the cleaning crew…she finds out there that the girl who usually cleans Sam’s house didn’t come into work this morning. Now, she begins to think…a set up? Maybe the cleaning lady and someone decided to go for the diamonds. But, it doesn’t fit. The cleaning lady has been in the house 2 times a month for at least 8 months or so. Plenty of time to find the diamonds if they were there to find. On a hunch, she calls the morgue for any Jane Doe’s that came in over the weekend…and hits pay dirt. A female was brought in, burnt to a crisp on Sunday morning. Harsh. Tina Cobb….just another innocent bystander…shame.

Now, Eve knows the diamonds are the root of it. She and Roarke put an air tight security on Sam to make sure nothing happens to her. Because the way that Dallas see it, if she was the killer, that would be her next step. Dallas has also figured that this person feels entitled to the diamons…someone like Alex Crews son. Who has fallen off the map since the he was like 7 years old. The mother went into the wind to try and escape from Crew, to protect her son.

Eve now has the problem of finding the killer, finding the diamonds, and finding a kid who is now grown up. I love it when it gets difficult. 🙂

Until next time…Happy Reading!!



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2 responses to “Hot Rocks & Big Jack

  1. Cheryl Edlin

    Yes, Hot Rocks and Remeber When are the same so far, just started yesterday with Hot Rocks and could not believe my ears!! Not to fair I think!! After all it should be noted on the CD/book, perhaps it is, and I did not see that??? Thanks for your confirmation.

    • Yeah, I felt kinda duped when I read these books for the second time. And upon further inspection, it is written on the covers that they were previously released as Remember When. Wish I would have paid more attention when buying them. Except, I didn’t think that old books would be repurposed and sold as newly released books….oh well, lesson learned 🙂 Glad that I helped you out 🙂

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