Night World: Spellbinder

Bet you never thought I’d get back to this book, huh? Well, I admit, it took me a minute to want to continue, it was always my plan to do it…eventually….Especially since there are two more books that contain THREE more books…I sure have to get on the ball with these. But, don’t fret. I will get them all done, in order. Just not back to back…gotta throw variety in there and keep up with my other series 🙂

This book was to do with Witches. Which I abso love. They are cousins to James from the first book, and to Ash, Kestrel, Jade, and Rowan. Well, sort of cousins. Not by blood-blood. But more by a blood truce. That’s what the Vampires say. The Witches say that they are all decended from two sisters, one mother. But anyways….

In this book, we are in the mind of Thea who has just been expelled with her cousin/sister Blaise…for the fourth time. They are getting a lecture from their gran and told if they mess up this time they are going to be sent to their Aunt Ursula…also know as the “Convent” to all of the Witches. This is enough to want Thea to start distancing herself from Blaise, who has been the cause everytime, but Thea never speaks out because she is loyal and whatnot to Blaise.

Thea has an affinity for animals you could say, she can get inside their heads and feel their emotions, see thru their eyes, it’s cool. She meets Eric the first day of school and saves him from a rattlesnack bite that he jumped in front of her to save her from….get that one? 🙂 And BAM!! that soulmate thing comes up again. So, it’s a struggle between what Thea feels and what she knows to be wrong. All she can picture is this causing hers and Erics death.

Enter Blaise. She wants Eric only because he doesn’t want her. Then when Thea tells her she thinks they are soulmates, Blaise says she will play Eric and then kill him….problem solved. Which sends Thea into an almost panic. Since Blaise is a very powerful witch and is extra good at love spells and driving men to psychotic….Thea decided to try a forbidden summoning spell and hope for protection for Eric against whatever Blaise comes up with. Well, once she is almost done with the spell Blaise comes in and they struggle…next thing they know something falls in the flames and then shoots out the windows….no good 😦

So, then Thea has no idea what to do. She doesn’t really know which spirit got away, and is at a loss. She can’t go to her gran because what she was doing was forbidden and the why she was doing it is even worse! Not to mention, now what is she going to do to protect Eric?

This book was a really fast read….I started it last night, and finished it this morning. The ending was excellent, I felt like I was there and that my heart was breaking. I hope that the next SIX books can get me into them as well as these three have.

Until Next Time….Happy Reading!! 🙂


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