Fantasy in Death – JD Robb

Alright, now I know this book has nothing to do with the other two series I have already started to review….let me at least explain my erratic blogging behavoir πŸ™‚

I follow a couple series of books religiously. It doesn’t matter if I am in the middle of reading a book, if the next book (by Charlaine Harris, JD Robb, Janet Evanovich, Laurell K Hamilton, Robert Jordan & a select few others) comes out, I’m all over it. Which is exactly what happened here. I went to the store to pick up the Night World book for my blogging contest and this book was on the shelf! I was like “Oh dang, I have to get this, Brennan be damned!” LoL. Just kidding. I wouldn’t really say that, I heart Brennan lots. But, you get the point.

So, if you have never read any of these books, boy are you behind the times. JD Robb is another name that Nora Roberts writes under. Now I know, hearing that name will turn some people away, because they don’t like romance. Well, they won’t admit it out loud, and won’t buy a strictly romance novel. But, like to see it in an action or sci-fi book, because who doesn’t abso love it when the hero gets the girl? Anyways, soooo off topic. This book is like book 20 in a series. I’m huge on series books, because I like to see where the characters go, and how they change throughout. I feel like they are my friends, and I lloooovvvee when the next book comes out, it’s pure torture waiting for it though πŸ™‚

This book starts out pretty much the same as all. You get a glimpse of the victim, who sometimes knows they are in trouble (ie: they have been kidnapped), or in this situation, could never have seen it coming.

Bart is a gamer nerd thru and thru. He built his company up with his three best friends (bet you can see where this one goes…)Oh and did I mention, these books are based in the future? The near future. When I heard they were future books, I was like “No thank you, I don’t really do Star Wars and all that” Turns out, these are not so much like those. Everything that is being written about or discribed you can picture and see it being part of our evolution as a human race. But, back to it….He goes in to his gaming room and is practicing this new game his compang (U Play) is working on. Completely stoked, because this game is unlike anything out there to this point. It is going to make his company a competitor with the book boys, like Roarke Industries. He powers down his house droid and sets all his stuff to private, as he doesn’t want to be disturbed and starts the last game he’ll ever play.

Enter the girlfriend the next morning. She overrides the droid and makes it open the holo room, to find Bart dead….without a head. Egh! So then, the main character in all the books, LT Eve Dallas, Homicide of the NYSPD is called in. I freaking love her. And I lover her partner Dectective Delia Peabody. They work so awesome together. They have to figure out how someone got into his room, when his security shows absolutely no tampering, and how his head got cut off, with some electrical type blade.

It is awesome to be inside Eve’s head as she works her way thru cases. It feels like you are actually there. Plus, after so many books, I feel like I know her and have grown with her. And she is married to the richest & sexiest Irish man that ever walked the Earth (well, you know….if he ever did walk the Earth..heh..). His name is Roarke (the same one who U Play wanted to get on the level with). Roarke used to be a crook, conman, and ladies man, until he met Eve way back in the series. Now they have realized how in love they are and have been thru alot together. And I bring this up during this review, because Eve was set on it a lot in this book. Because once she figured out that it had to be one of the three other partners, she wondered how someone who is supposed to be your friend from childhood could do this to them. And she finds herself in awe over what she has with Roarke. It’s inspiring…

So, Eve narrows it down to the three partners, but cant really figure out how they got in (but since they are gamers and super hackers figures they had to have left some kind of trail) or what they actually did the killing with. The ME can tell that it was a type of electrified broad sword, which makes no sense to anyone. Not only, is it the future where swords are antiques and obsolete, but no one has heard of an electrified one.

Next thing you know, one of the partners (Cill, the only girl) decides to take the game home and try it out and she winds up almost dead. The other two find her in the morning and call 911. she is a wreck. And a nurse makes a comment to Eve about it not looking like a beating but more like she was thrown off a cliff. Which gets Eve to thinking. She has the ME come in and look at the girls pictures and xrays, but doesn’t tell him anything about how she was found or where. So he comfirms her suspicions and says she fell from a height of more than 20 feet, onto an uneven rocky type surface….which would be impossible because she was found in her gaming room in her apartment.

This is an excellent read. But then again, I am a bit biased as I have been reading the series for years and still get excited when I see the next one come out πŸ™‚ I won’t ruin the rest of the story for anyone. But, if you like suspense and crime novels, this is definitely a series for you. You can pick up any book in the series, they each have their own cases. But, to know the history of the dynamics of the entire “cast” it would be best to start at the begining. I highly recommend it.

Until next time….Keep Reading!!!



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2 responses to “Fantasy in Death – JD Robb

  1. I’ll admit, I’m not big on this kind of novel, but by the time I got to the end of your review I was totally dying to know what happened! I think I can see where this is going and, if I’m right, it would be a reallllllly awesome premise! I can’t decide whether to start at the beginning or just go straight for this book! Ahh!

    • LoL. I understand that one. The first book I ever read in this series was like the 5th one. It was soooo good. Then I was like, “Oh No, I HAVE to go back and get the other books!” I said the same thing though, when it was first handed to me and the person said, it’s based in the future. My first words out? “Um…I don’t do StarTrek” LoL. But, it’s not even close to StarTrek. The books are simply awesome. And trust me, if you decided to read this one…you’ll go back and read the rest πŸ™‚

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