Deja Dead – Kathy Reichs

Yes, I know that this is not continuing in the Night World series….I do apologize for that. 🙂

But….I am a huge, I mean HUGE fan of the TV show Bones. I mean, what’s not to love? They have some pretty good looking guys in the show, a smart & nerdy type side kick (who happens to be a woman), and the good guys always get the bad guys. It has become my latest obsession in the ever increasing line of TV Drama. Not that it is a bad thing. Then, I found out that the show is based on books by Kathy Reichs….sooooo naturally….I went out and bought the 12 books that are already in print. And I’m eagerly waiting for the one that is to come out in August, even though I have only just finished the first book…Me Obsessive? Naaahhhh…..
So this book was a little hard to get into. Which I should have figured since in the show, Brennan is all bookish and throws out big words like yesterdays newspaper. I literally would be reading the pages, get to the bottom and have absolutely no freaking idea what I had just read. And re-reading it didn’t help much. This book is FILLED with words I never even knew existed.
It was slow going, to say the least.
Plus, it didn’t help that I was looking for Agent Booth the whole time…come on David Boreanaz is hotter than a summer day in Phoenix….
Eventually, thru tireless persistance, I was able to get into the book. I found that skimming the technical talk and getting to the part where it was broke down for the cops, worked well for me. BUT the cops were jerks. At least most of them. They all resented the fact the Brennan was even trying to involve herself in the cases….grrrr…
So let me fill you in: the book starts by Brennan going to a park to investigate a body that was found there. She is in Canada, and they dont see a lot of murder, so she is just sent there to see if it’s a natural death or a homicide. When she gets to the scene….well the body is in 5 pieces in their own little garbage bags….nothing natural about it.
The bones getting taken back to the institution in which Brennan works as an anthropologist. She studies them and finds that something about these bones keeps tugging at her brain. And everytime she tries to pin it down, it’s gone. Like trying to close a fist around sand, just to see it falling to the ground anyways.
Eventually, she connects this murder to 4 others, to start. But the jerkface Claudel….has his reserves and has no qualms saying so and even going to the board and trying to get Brennan censored! He seems like an arrogant jerk the whole time. Making snide comments everything Brennan says something. I tried fitting him into Agent Booths role and just couldn’t do it. I really hope it never turns out to be him 😦 None of the cops want to even say the word serial killer, not even acknowledging the similarities that Brennan has found. Ugh!
The story really starts getting intense a little past half way. This is when Brennan starts getting worried about her best friend Gabby, things go bad with her daughter, then a head shows up in her yard. The psycho now wants Brennan in a bad way.
Brennan doesn’t give up, eventually a task force is formed to catch the guy. It is a very intense ending. I didn’t even want to stop to make dinner for my 5 year old last night….I mean, he did just eat at lunch time….jk. But that’s how good the book got.
I’m super stoked to be starting the next one. I really hope it grabs me faster though. And I want to see if I can figure out which character is Agent Booth yet…yummy 🙂
Until Next Time…Keep Reading!!

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