Death du Jour – Kathy Reichs

So, I have to say this book went MUCH faster than the last one. It didn’t throw as many characters at me all at once, while trying to use huge words I’ve never heard in my life…

It starts out as Brennan is helping dig up some bones for a church in Motreal. They need these bones to be examined so that a request can be sent to the Vatican for sainthood. Brennan and her team have dug two separate holes where the body is supposed to be, and nadda. This is frusterating and it’s freazing outside to top it off. So she and the Father go inside to consult a map of sorts that lays out where all the bodies are buried. While in there, a super old nun comes in and tells Brennan that the body was moved years ago for some reason and that she can show them where it is. So she does, and Brennan can take the bones for an examination.
When she gets back to her condo, she is super tired and cold. But, knowing that she is only going to be in town for a week, makes it seem less daunting. Then Brennans luck turns pretty bad. Which isn’t that much of a surprise, because that seems to really be the only kind of luck that she has. Her sister, Harry shows up on her doorstep talking about how she joined some life enrichment program. And how they are going to help her get her life back and purify her way of life.
Meanwhile, she gets a call that she is needed at St Jovite which is hours away, there has been a huge fire and the family is presumed inside. When they get there, they find two bodies upstairs that are not the missing family. Then they find a body in the basement of an old woman. No sign of the small family of four. Two adults and two four month old babies. Brennan agrees to help to and find the cause of death while she is in town.
Then a few days later she gets a call and has to make another trip up to St Jovite. Turns out they found the bodies of the family in a kind of outbuilding. Very sad to have to read what was done to the babies. Their names were Mathias and Malachy. So, even though she is only in town a week, and doesn’t want to really be involove. Brennan decides she just cant walk away from this situation and not help find who did such horrid things to babies.
To add more to it, one of the nuns calls her and asks her if she can maybe help find her niece. She knows that it’s not Brennans job, but Brennan does work closely with the police and the police arent willing to help until the girl is missing for at least 72 hours. So she agrees to make a few phone calls. Before she hangs up, though, the nun inquires about the bones and Brennan says that she is almost done with the report and then she will send out her findings. What Brennan doesn’t say, is that she is already done with her examination, but that she doesn’t want to tell the church because the church says one thing about the birth (the baby is the product of two well know, white, people in society) when the bones say that isn’t possible. That the person is of mixed decent. A halfer.
When Brennan goes back to Carolina, she feels a little better. She took some paper work with her, and has promised to return if there are any breaks in the case. Turns out the break comes in the form of a lead IN Carolina, so Detective Hotness—ahem—Detective Ryan (who I think is who Agent Booth is based on…I sure hope so) has to fly down there and investigate on behalf of the Montreal police.
A total of three more bodies show up, one more in Canada and two in Carolina. All seemingly unrelated, and far apart. Brennan and Ryan run into a type of Cultest Compund and get weird vibes from the whole group and begin to think that maybe there is a whole lot more to this than is actually being seen.
The end is a total mind-screw…I thought I had it figured out and did sorta. Except I didn’t realize who started it all. My guess wound up dying. So it wasn’t a very good guess apparently 🙂 And there was a pretty hot starter love scene between Brennan and Ryan….SOOOOO I am super stoked to start the next book. I want to find out if he is as good as he seems to be 🙂
Until next time….Happy Reading!!!!

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